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If I Was A Billionaire I Would Have A Hard Time Not Shoving Cars Off The Road. How About You?

If I Was A Billionaire I Would Have A Hard Time Not Shoving Cars Off The Road. How About You?

Sometimes I find myself thinking that I am 100% sure I could successfully shove someone in their car out of my way or off the road without causing any physical damage to their person or anyone else. Sure it would bang up my truck, and there’s, but man it would be awesome. If I was a billionaire and could afford to do so, I just might. Have you ever been in traffic or just driving through town and some idiot pulls out in front of you or can’t figure out how to change lanes or whatever and it makes you smile and think these evil thoughts? Or am I the only one? It happens to me quite often actually. And I’m not angry when I have these thoughts, don’t think it is road rage, cause I would smile and laugh and giggle like a little girl if I could actually do it.

In fact, the perfect vehicle to do it in would be a tow truck so that you could help them get home if they or their car were in no condition to do so after you bashed them. You could just ever so gently place the big old fashioned tow truck push bumper up against their quarter panel or door and start shoving them where you want them to go.

I think it would be a riot. How about you?

(Images courtesy of Loop News and Mythbusters)

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5 thoughts on “If I Was A Billionaire I Would Have A Hard Time Not Shoving Cars Off The Road. How About You?

  1. Joel Hemi

    On a Dukes of Hazzard episode they had a Slammer car. I think it was something like a 64 Galaxie with the insides of the fenders and quarters filled with concrete. You could do heavy duty axles and wheels from a 3/4 or 1 ton truck. In a big power under the hood. I have off and daydreamed about having such a car as I put on many miles behind Slowpoke idiots who don’t have a clue how to drive, don’t know where they’re going, and don’t care when they get there.

  2. KCR

    You know I’m retired .So I don’t really get in a hurry on the road. I try to take the 2 lanes most times. However,i sure would like to rig up an exhaust flame thrower for some assholes that like to tail gate .How cool would it be when some jagamuff’n comes up on ya and stays a car length away and won’t pass. Just flip a switch ,press a button. And melt the bumper cover off his POS car. Yes sir I sure would like me one like that .O and a license plat flipper upper ,that way the A hole couldn’t tattle on ya to the man

    1. Joel Hemi

      Kcr, with all due respect, wouldn’t it be easier to just be courteous and let the people who are in a hurry go around you?

  3. jay swaffield

    You could build a conveyor ramp over your car, you can drive up and let car pass over heads

  4. KCR

    Hey Joel Hemi.Yes sir I agree.I don’t know how to make large red letters as I type on a confuzer.But as I said .”Those that won’t pass. ” I am very courteous,you can tell because.I did not say I have rigged my vehicle with exhaust flamethrowers. That may brake the courteous code .

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