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If You And Your Buddies Were Going To Build Ultra Cheap Basher Race Cars, What 1980’s or 1990’s Car Would Be Your Race Car?

If You And Your Buddies Were Going To Build Ultra Cheap Basher Race Cars, What 1980’s or 1990’s Car Would Be Your Race Car?

So lets say you and your friends got together, like the boys from Bad Obsession Motorsports, and decided you were going to build race cars, on the ultra cheap, to race against each other. And lets say that you were going to race on a dirt track in someone’s back yard. Lets say an oval or road course ish kind of thing. And finally, lets say you decided it had to be a 1980’s or 1990’s car, ultra cheap, and something that everyone could get from whatever make they most like that were all in the same class of vehicle. Like Chevettes, Pintos, Omnis, Civics, Dodge Colts, or Escorts. Or? What would you choose?

I’m a die hard Chevrolet guy, but I like Chevettes so I wouldn’t want to crash one up in a basher race. l think reliability is key if you are going racing, and cheap of course, so maybe something from Honda, Toyota, or Datsun would be a dependable riot that you wouldn’t feel bad about racing door handle to door handle in or having to “massage” it with a sledge hammer to keep it racing each night. I do have to say that a boxy Volvo will take an insane beating as well, as long as you can keep them running, so one of them might be fun.

I am pretty sure this is a recipe for great fun, and I’d certainly like to try it out. What about you?



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8 thoughts on “If You And Your Buddies Were Going To Build Ultra Cheap Basher Race Cars, What 1980’s or 1990’s Car Would Be Your Race Car?

  1. Nate

    I think small pickups would be fun, S10, ranger, hardbodys etc. Cheap, reliable, not fast enough to easily kill yourselves, durable and easy to modify with decent after market support. When it gets boring you can swap in small blocks

  2. Weasel1

    Small trucks would be great. There is also a lot of fox body Fords and A body GM’s to choose from. Up here in the north, we find light cheap cars, put studded tires on and race on the ice. Great training ground for anybody learning to race! In the warmer months there are 50+ race tracks in Michigan with 22 within a 90 min drive from my house.

  3. Matt Cramer

    My local dirt track has an entry level class that has pretty much turned into a spec class for four-banger Fox body Mustangs. The event’s already there; if I had the budget, a tow vehicle, and a place to keep the car, I’d probably join in that.

    Either that, or I’d go Champ Car racing with my co-workers who are fielding three efforts with BG chassis Mazdas (Protege, Escort, MX3, etc).

  4. BeaverMartin

    I really want a minivan racing series. Tons of us have old minivans still around after the kids got bigger. Would be super cheap, safe, and hilarious.

  5. Nigel Mansell's Ferret

    At 500 bucks it would be a run what ya brung kind of thing. Anything not 4000lbs plus and rwd would be a ringer. I’m thinking a rotted out and dinged up AW11 MR2 or Subaru Justy might be found for cheap. Both would shine on the road course, but if it was an oval, an uncorked crown vic with a cam would blast you into the weeds like a ping pong ball. Maybe a 3.8 MN12 Thunderchicken. You know some dingleberry would spend the money and show up with a Talon and ruin it for everyone.

  6. Ted

    Minivan RallyCross…….set it up……….now that would be sheer entertainment….omg I’m laughing at the thought of tossing around a Dodge Caravan with a baby on board sticker……….

  7. Just Gary

    Another vote for minivans.

    -Performance-wise, they’re all pretty similar.
    -Just gut the interior (middle row seats fit into pre-war Ford coupes perfectly) and add a roll cage and go racing.
    -Maybe a claimer-rule to discourage unsportsman-like modifications.

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