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Question Of The Day: What One Engine Will Outlive All Of The Others?

Question Of The Day: What One Engine Will Outlive All Of The Others?

The internal combustion engine has, for better or worse, changed the course of human history. And, as long as there are fuels to power them on, they will remain for years to come. But here’s an interesting thought: out of all of the engines that have been produced so far, which ones will still be functional a hundred or two hundred years from now?

What brought up this question? It starts with Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker. To say the company has had a rough go is an understatement: the company bought up SAAB right about the time the car company was going under the waves like the Titanic, and unsuprisingly, Spyker’s fortunes went swirling down the tube with them. However, unlike most car manufactures who have gone bust, Spyker didn’t ask for a bailout and they didn’t quit: they voluntarily went bankrupt to restructure themselves and by 2015, had managed to climb out of the hole. Now the company is putting the final touches on their first new product since the troubles began, the C8 Preliator, and instead of using an Audi-sourced 4.2L V8, Spyker tapped Koenigsegg for help. The naturally-aspirated 5.0L V8 that’ll push 592 BHP is a good start, but it’s what Christian von Koenigsegg claimed at the Geneva Motor Show that raised an eyebrow. Speaking to Road and Track, he claimed:

“…And of course are engines are bulletproof with 1360 horsepower, our customers don’t kill engines, so that engine will last for I don’t know…200 years or something.”

Now, two hundred years is a claim, indeed, though it’s worth noting that von Koenigsegg was bragging it up a bit. But think about it…what engine series could still be fully operational and useful two hundred years from now? Here’s our thoughts: it’s got to be a simple enough design that people won’t want to abandon it, it has to make useful power, has to be capable of fuel efficiency at some form, and needs to be stone dead simple. By nature, the instinctive itch is to go straight to the small-block Chevrolet and call it a day, but maybe you readers have another choice on the brain?

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21 thoughts on “Question Of The Day: What One Engine Will Outlive All Of The Others?

  1. Jav343

    The Chrysler 225 slant 6 or the Chrysler 4.0 or prior AMC 258. They might not have huge power in stock form, but they are simple and pretty much indestructible.

    1. 026

      That slant six. Not much to it. Not a lot of power but it would run no matter what it seemed.

  2. mcfly

    Iron duke many have millions of miles on them..
    They bring you your mail..
    not that smooth, not that powerful, but dirt simple.. and run and run and run and run

  3. Weasel1

    Ford 300 straight 6. Lots of power, you have to try and kill it. had one with 600,000+. The truck body rusted off the frame

    1. Brendan M

      Agreed. I’ve seen those motors run out of oil, develop a cold knock, and still run for years after.

  4. dan barlow

    Until last week I would have said yes the small block chevy . The most popular and most manufactured engine in the world . But then two weeks ago I went looking for some stock pushrods for the 87 vette in the garage . I had to go to 3 Autozones to collect the 16 required to put the engine back together . A hundred years from now none of them will be running . the goverments will take the cars eventually . You know , for your own good .

    1. Brandon

      Sumitt racing has everything you need for less money. I bought a complete set of pushrods for a roller cam smallblock, and had em 3 days later

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