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Question Of The Day: At What Point Do You Feel Sorry For A Poorly-Modified Car?

Question Of The Day: At What Point Do You Feel Sorry For A Poorly-Modified Car?

Sorry, probably should’ve warned you first, but hey…at least there is no question about what I mean about “feeling sorry” for a car. The case in point is a Mitsubishi Lancer…a car that pretty much garners no sympathy from yours truly normally. They were sold in mass numbers, they act like a car, and they don’t stir any emotion in me whatsoever. But then there is this…thing. Whoever decided this was a good idea needs an eye test, a blood-alcohol test, a mental evaluation and their tools locked away to make sure that no other vehicle has to succumb to such a horror. I want to put this poor Mitsubishi out of it’s misery with a SABOT round fired from a tank, then I want to steamroll the remains before shredding what’s left into a fine metallic powder. No car should suffer this fate.

There is a fine line between customizing a car to make it your own and creating a rolling nightmare, and there is no question that the beauty part is purely subjective. But there has to be a line where everybody who isn’t the owner or builder just starts to wonder what the designers would think if they could see their years of work turned into some sort of abomination that even Stevie Wonder would cringe at. Weigh in below…we’re genuinely curious as to your opinion. Oh, and here’s your next warning…

lancer wtf 2

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8 thoughts on “Question Of The Day: At What Point Do You Feel Sorry For A Poorly-Modified Car?

  1. Gary Smrtic

    I’m sorry, what was the point of using pictures of this car for this story?
    The point with which I feel sorry is when the workmanship is shoddy, or incomplete. Style and taste are purely subjective to the viewer, as is any art. This car looks well done, and finished well to boot. That it’s style is not what I’d prefer is irrelevant.
    Just a couple of weks ago I had to run up to the DC area from Bowling Green, KY. I decided to rent a 4WD vehicle, and ended up with a new Jeep Rengade. A Fiat Jeep, in other words. Once I got past the gag reflex every time I saw it, it was an adequate performing vehicle for the trip, but (gag) it was UGLY! No one had to customize or modify it to make it that way. Yet people buy them.

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    As a car is just an inanimate lump of metal I feel sorry for our dear Earth for being polluted by brain dead mouth breathing morons who inflict such piles of shit on us all and use up her resources to make such vomit wagons!

  3. steve

    It looks like something those crappy TV show guys built on that Pitbull on Lemur show or whatever it is called!

  4. Crazy

    So the vehicle in the photo’s isn’t your taste.. THIS IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS HOBBY………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone spent time ans skill on it.. If it was built by barris you’d be claiming it was great.. Just like all the other odd stuff that came out of his shop..
    Now to the question, Not everyone in the hobby has a shop full of metal fab tools, and or the funds to have fab work that looks like art..
    Not everyone gets their parts donated to them by vendors/sponsors..
    I’ll bet the builder of that car would think throwing tons of time and funds at a M300 mopar is a waste.. as it is a luxo cruiser.. But maybe he/she isn’t as closed minded as the author..
    You question is a loaded gun, and why in the 80’s people with home built not perfect cars never showed up at shows or cruises as people would point and laugh.. Thankfully that passed and most are not car snob’s ..
    If you look at a mod on a vehicle and only see a not perfect art weld.. or not perfect ground down weld or corner.. or the look isn’t your cup of tea.. you are part of the problem..
    If I remember correctly.. A editor once said this.. and it is as true today as it was then ” DON’T LET PERFECT GET IN THE WAY OF DONE” .. Not everyone is building to the level of a national show winner..
    Good thing the editor didn’t act like the author when his car was d.o.a. and the editor was fishing through the rats nest wiring in the authors p.o.s. ..
    Most of the REAL driver cars in the hobby are not perfect , a fabbed part doesn’t have 20 hours in filling and grinding down the welds, or store/catalog parts.. that are machine made..
    Crap like this blog is part of what is keeping new blood from the hobby…

  5. john t

    while not something that I personally like the look of I have to say that the bodywork and paint on this car looks pretty bloody good from what I can see. Whats better? a car like some rat rods that are barely held together and rusty as all hell but looks `cool’ (to some people at least) or this thing which admittedly has some `out there’ styling but at least looks to be done well?

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