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BangShift Question of the Day: What is the Most Exciting Motorsport to Watch?

BangShift Question of the Day: What is the Most Exciting Motorsport to Watch?

In the grand scheme of things, lots more people watch auto racing than actually race cars. On any given weekend, there will be hundreds of thousands of people at NASCAR races, tens of thousands at NHRA national events, and untold thousands at small drag strips, tractor pulling arenas, dirt tracks, and mud bog pits around the country. We’re racing fans here and as much as we love being in the thick of it, we’re happy in the grandstands with a cold beer and a good view on a warm Saturday night as well.

If we were handicapping the answers to this question, we’d probably put short track stock car racing and drag racing close to the top for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you can see the whole course from start to finish so you can actually watch the whole race. Secondly, there is a wide variety of iron from class to class and on test-n-tune nights you literally never know what is coming from one pair to the next. One of the potential dark horse candidates here is mud racing, which is big time popular down South and pits massive, high horsepower trucks slog and fly through pits of thick gumbo-like mud.

There’s road racing, autocrossing, truck pulling, drifting, monster trucks, and a bunch of other junk we have not even mentioned. Despite the tough times that the country has been gutting through for the last several years, there are still cheap racing tickets to be had out there. Support your local tracks!

Here’s the question: What is the most exciting motorsport to watch as a spectator?


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16 thoughts on “BangShift Question of the Day: What is the Most Exciting Motorsport to Watch?

  1. Weasel1

    I will probably be in the minority but the best time I ever had was at a “off road” demo derby. 10 cars, figure eight track with a semi banked dirt hill on one end. Most SCCA are a great time also. I also love Saturday night drags at a small local track. Basically anything thing with a motor trying to go faster and harder than the other guy

  2. Brendan M

    Motorcycle Hill Climbs. If you have never been, it is edge of your seat entertainment. All ages, genders, engine classes, compete on the same hill. Sometimes they make it to the top, sometimes they tumble all the way to the bottom. I once saw a guy break his pelvis in Munson Ma. Another great venue is Gunstock NH.

  3. Matt Cramer

    Monster trucks are one of the best races for spectacle – the way these can wheelstand, jump, and generally cause mayhem is something every gearhead should see at least once.

    Drag racing and 1/4 mile dirt oval aren’t far behind. And there’s one event that Lanier Motor Speedway hosts that’s kind of a cross between autocross and drift – it’s pretty wild.

  4. Alexander

    The International Isle of Man TT Race, will keep you on the edge the entire race.

  5. Luther Hopp

    Having attended nearly every variety of motor sports racing events except F-1 one of the most excited to me is the closed circuit Lucas Oil Truck series. It’s like a combination of road course, late model dirt and motocross in one race. The speeds on the long straights and the distance and height in the air on the jumps is incredible and the banging in the corners leaves so much fiberglass on the course that at the end there are often trucks with nearly no body parts. Great door to door racing from start to finish.

  6. Lou_100x

    Regular Saturday night dirt track or drags. I’d turn down free tickets to any NASCAR event.
    On video: old clips of Group B racing.

  7. Darrell Beard

    Then-Saturday night.Star Speedway-16 to 18 big blocks on alcohol- 50 lap feature-left front tire only touching when on the brakes-brake rotors glowing yellow hot.Feeling a mini cyclone on long runs with just a hint of alcohol. For pure power-big truck drags in Canada- left front off the road during shifts.Pulling 2 loaded trailers uphill.The starting line any dragstrip

  8. Ricky Harper

    Road racing stirs my blood. Drag racing is cool for a short time then gets real boring, and all the arguing is boorish. Circle track racing puts me to sleep, at least until the inevitable fight breaks out (on the track or in the stands). WRC is awesome, but the TV coverage is horrible.

    For me, road racing, especially endurance road racing is best. You can move around the track to view from different vantage points, and you usually enjoy multiple classes of cars. Even the amateur road racing series are a hoot to watch, but Le Mans is on my bucket list.

  9. BeaverMartin

    I know I’ll be in the minority, but the WRC bug bit me hard when I lived in Germany. Top of the line as far as raw driver skill. I have always loved tractor and truck pulls, blame it on my roots. Nothing but torque and passion in tractor pull.

  10. cap'n fast

    WRC scandinavian style. snow, ice, mud, people, crap flying everwhichway and gone!
    stirs my blood to a boil. excitement abounds at every turn and AWD mud and gravel burnouts with wailing gears and thrashing engines and whimpering navigators make my day.
    i really need a beer

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