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Question Of The Day: Would You Actually Buy A Car From Wal-Mart?

Question Of The Day: Would You Actually Buy A Car From Wal-Mart?

“Would you buy a car from Wal-Mart?” Strange thought, isn’t it? You can buy just about anything else at your local Wally World, from clothes to food, medicine to liquor and yes, in plenty of locations you can still buy firearms. Wal-Mart covers just about everything you could humanely need to get along in life, but cars? No way…and no, the Power Wheels back next to the bikes do not count. But it isn’t so far out of line…in the early 1950s, Sears sold the Allstate, a badge-engineered Henry J. Luckily, Wal-Mart isn’t going to sell their own automobile, but instead is going to offer a kind of buying service to the customer.

The CarSaver program works like this: outside of the vision centers and salons of Wal-Mart Supercenters, a kiosk will sit that will allow shoppers to browse, select, finance and insure the vehicle of their choice. CarSaver will pair off with AutoNation dealerships to source the vehicles, who will charge Wal-Mart $350 per car sold and possibly a subscription fee on top of that. And if you don’t want to actually tread into a Wal-Mart to make your purchase, you can go to the CarSaver website from the comfort of your own home. A trial that took place in Florida saw an 80% sale rate for appointments made, with consumers saving an average of $3,000 per transaction. There is no haggling…the price listed is the price, period, and the team behind CarSaver believe that is a selling point for their targeted customer.

We will buy food and clothes at Wal-Mart and not think twice, but buying a car? What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Question Of The Day: Would You Actually Buy A Car From Wal-Mart?

      1. crazy

        I think I bought a mountain dew there once it was flat..
        who shops at that chain of dumps..
        good for laughs tho.. people of walmart youtube..

  1. Matt Cramer

    No matter how sketchy buying a car from Wal-Mart sounds, they’d have a long way to sink before they could out-sketchy 50% of existing car dealerships.

    Still, I wouldn’t want to buy a car I couldn’t test drive unless it was a parts car or major restoration project where I was planning on replacing everything mechanical.

  2. Richard wallendal

    Car dealers are so CS that they have driven people to this just like politicians caused Trump

  3. Tubbed Pacecar

    …..then their is the whole service/warranty repairs issue. Take your (fill in preferred brand here) vehicle to a dealership, and go see the service writer about an issue, and see where you end up on the list when they ask you where the vehicle was purchased. Any answer, other than from them, puts you at the back of the line.
    At least that’s been my experience??

  4. Hemi Joel

    I would buy a new car from whoever is cheapest for the identicle new car. What I do now is use the dealers to test drive and figure out what I want, but never deal with them in person regarding the price. Then use the phone, email, and the internet to sew up the best price. If Wally World could make the best offer, I’d have no reservations about buying there.

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