Would You Rather: Drive A Baja Pacer Or Baja Bug In The Baja 1000?

Would You Rather: Drive A Baja Pacer Or Baja Bug In The Baja 1000?

We started to do our Would You Rather with a Baja Bug and James Garner’s Baja Olds Cutlass, but then we saw a picture of this AMC Pacer running Baja and it seemed more fitting to match it up with the even rounder Baja Bug. We love VW Bugs, and we love Pacers and Gremlins, but we certainly didn’t expect to have to choose between the two of them with regards to what would be more fun at the Baja 1000 or 500.

On the one hand, we think that running a nearly stock Class 11 VW at Baja would rule, but one of the more modern super duper suspension would be much faster and jump lots farther. On the other hand, we really do love the fact that back in the day cars like the Nova, Cutlass, Falcon, Fairlanes, and yes even Pacers, were modified in the same spirit as a Baja Bug, and thrashed across the Mexican desert. This seems like entirely too much fun to us, and should be on everyone’s bucket list.

So, we’re torn as to which way we would lean on this Would You Rather. Which way are you leaning? Tell us which one you would rather drive.

Would You Rather: Drive a Baja Pacer orΒ  Baja Bug in the Baja 1000?


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21 thoughts on “Would You Rather: Drive A Baja Pacer Or Baja Bug In The Baja 1000?

  1. Nick D.

    I absolutely loathe VWs, so I’ll take the Pacer. Besides, look how awesome it looks!

    1. GuitarSlinger

      Your definition of ‘ awesome ‘ is not only questionable at best … but brings into serious question your overall sense of aesthetics as well

      Fugly Fishbowls and awesome in the same sentence being the epitome of an oxymoron . So I guess Ugly is now the new Awesome ? Nest thing Stupid will become the new Intelligent . Oh but wait . Looking over the over polarized general population in the US of late . It already is πŸ˜‰

      1. Nick D.

        Ah, I wondered when you would show up to assault everyone else’s opinion other than your own. Comparative to a stock Pacer, it is indeed awesome looking. And I do believe the Pacer and the Beetle share a very similar silhouette, so the Beetle has a bit of a fishbowl look to it as well.

  2. GuitarSlinger

    Well now . Your answer depends on whether you want to have a good chance of winning [ your class ] … or just going out for a hoot and a bit of fun …. all while looking like a bit of a fool .

    If winning/being competitive is the priority ? Then the VeeWee is the only logical choice

    If just having fun along with being a bit different is the goal and you don’t mind looking like the biggest tool on the planet ? Then go for the pos Driver in a Fishbowl fugly as all ____ Pacer

    As to the previous derogatory comments at the VW ;

    1) @crazy – The same can be said about stuffing a V8 into every car imaginable . Any Tool can , has and does do it

    2) @ Nick D . Trust me . Every VW owner on the planet despises you as well . Not to mention laughing their head off when their wee little VeeWee goes blowing by you like you’re standing still . Or better yet while driving down the road with your ex girlfriend/wife by their side in their VeeWee bus πŸ˜‰

    Jeeze ! In light of the disdain and hatred any and every serious GearHead on Planet Earth had [ and should still have ] for the Pacer back in the day I can’t hardly believe we’re even having this discussion .

    Mustang II’s … Fishbowls over a Baja Bug indeed . Shows how low the hobby has gotten over the last decade or so . Gee . Whats next ? Everyone lining up to buy Chrysler K-cars ?

    1. Nick D.

      Hmm, I actually happen to be friends with plenty of VW owners. And while my rusty Loyale 4WD wagon and Miata rack up plenty of miles, I watch as their VAG products suffer from blown timing belts, misfires that VW master techs can’t figure out, electrical systems that pack it up overnight, transmission failures and a number of other maladies.

    1. GuitarSlinger

      Winning exactly what ? Baja Moron of the Year ? Delusional Racer of the Decade ? Psychotic Loser of the Month ? Le Lantern Rouge de Baja ? Baja race car Lemon of the Year perhaps ?

      Seriously … I’m hoping [ and praying ] the smily face indicates a bit of sarcasm on your part πŸ˜‰

      1. 38P

        I suppose given enough money and time, a Pacer body could be transplanted upon a state-of-the-art off-road racing chassis and could possibly be homologated for some SCORE class.

        My “win” was more stylistic and metaphorical, though . . . more “gentleman racer” than rabid, class-dominating competitor. Sort of like what motivated that memorable Baja Edsel back in the mid-70s . . . or some of the other alternative body styles that have competed on the trails of Estado Libre y Soberano de Baja California.

        While Type 1 VWs can plainly be adapted to all sorts of competitive enterprises and have a decent competition record, I’ve never been much of a fan, either aesthetically nor aurally.

  3. manifest

    Give it a rest GuitarSlinger. Post up a link to all the cool sh!t you have or Noble Prize certificate or that A+ your mom hung on the frig from 2nd grade before you bash anything again please. BS is bang shift not bull sh!t. As for the topic at hand, I’m a VW lover but the Pacer with a screaming 360 busting it through the desert is cool too.

  4. ka67_72

    While the VW would be more likely to finish, I’d do the Pacer. Run in a class that allows stupid power but don’t spend a ton of money on suspension. Leave it looking somewhat stock-ish. Have fun showering unsuspecting spectators with sand.

  5. Droopy

    Put flames on it like Wayne’s and crank Queen the length of the course (don’t forget to head bang at the appropriate time).

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