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Test Your Gearhead Knowledge: Last Week’s Answer And Today’s Freakish Challenge

Test Your Gearhead Knowledge: Last Week’s Answer And Today’s Freakish Challenge

Now that I am back home from a brief escape to warmer climes, we’ll get the Test Your Gearhead Knowledge train back on the tracks again. Last we left you, the guys at Valley Head Service had contributed a couple photos of an old and rare engine being machined at their shop back in the day. As it turns out that little mill was a Rolls Royce piece that powered a Wraith from somewhere back in the 1930s or thereabouts. Believe it or not, a couple of you were darn close to nailing that one right on the head.

Ok, today we’re throwing a double feature! The first engine needs to be identified and we can tell you what it is. The second engine we have zero clue about so we need to be educated. A reader sent the second photo to us with the simple question, “What the hell is this?” When we responded with the same question to the reader, he let us know that he is in the dark as well.

Test your gearhead knowledge! Tell us what these two oddball mills are!


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14 thoughts on “Test Your Gearhead Knowledge: Last Week’s Answer And Today’s Freakish Challenge

  1. Matt Cramer

    Top engine is a Honda NR motorcycle V4 for MotoGP racing. The rules wouldn’t let them run a V8, so they siamesed the pistons to make it a V4.

    1. Pete P.

      Matt is right I rememger reading an article in a technical journal about how Honda got the rings to seal on the flat portions of the bores!

      1. GuitarSlinger

        Yup . Beat me to the punch and hit the nail right on the head . Honda’s MotoGP Big Bang motor

  2. kingcrunch

    The second pic is a TWN Triumph Werke Nuernberg (German Triumph Division, they split up some time ago and TWN was the name they went by after the split) twin piston single cylinder engine. I think this is the 125ccm, 7,6cui version.

  3. grant johnson

    I agree with Matt on the top photo. As for the bottom photo,the “twin”lettering resembles a Triumph emblem,while the other wording looks to be German/Bavarian.Looks like a primary drive enclosure on the left side,so likely motorcycle.Looks to be a two stroke,unless the cam is overhead.BMW,Zundap? was there some collaboration between Europe and England between wars?

  4. dane johnson

    Its a Rare 8-valve-per-cylinder arrangement of 1979 Honda NR500 V4 GP motorcycle engine with oval pistons and dual piston rods. The DOHC 500 cc engine delivered over 115 [email protected],000 rpm (170 kW/liter).

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