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Would You Plasti Dip Your Own Project, Instead Of Painting It?

Would You Plasti Dip Your Own Project, Instead Of Painting It?

For those not familiar with doing dipped, or Plasti Dipped automotive finishes, it is all the rage lately due to a relatively low cost and the ability to change your mind at any time and peel it right off. No, it’s not the same stuff that you dip your pliers handle into in order to make a nice grippy surface. Yes, it is based on that technology and a lot of the products are manufactured by that same company. But, they are specially formulated to be durable, good looking, and cost effective alternatives to standard car paint.

We’re not sure we’d paint a 1969 Camaro with it, although as I write this I wonder why not. After all there is little risk, since you can peel it right back off. But I am seriously thinking about it as an alternative to an ultra expensive paint job on the $200 Hauler Suburban project.

What about you? Would you dip your car? They have tons of colors and finishes available, including hot rod colors that came on our favorite muscle cars. And of course you can go as wild as you like as well. We think it’s cool.

So what do you think? Here are some videos of folks doing their own, or having them done at places that may be local to you. To find a dealer or installer in your area, email or call the gang at DipYourCar.com. We are.

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10 thoughts on “Would You Plasti Dip Your Own Project, Instead Of Painting It?

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Two questions – is it durable enough to handle the bangs and scrapes of everyday motoring and does it give the car a rust-proof finish?

    If it does its a good way to save money and protect your pride and joy. I’m thinking of booking Wor Lass in for a plasti-dip session as it’ll save her a fortune in make up and bondo as she ain’t getting any younger…

    1. Guitardrumr

      Check their YouTube, it can probably answer a lot of your questions. I know of at least one car that was dipped before a northern winter, salt, snow and all, and still looked fresh and new once cleaned come spring.

  2. Crazy

    No, to do it right. takes more materials than just painting it..

    To do a mustang, with color and mattie overcoat.. is 6 GALLONS..
    besides the cost,, the weight of it..
    for adding stripes or,
    ya, sure.. but t odip a car.. nope.. just go paint it.

  3. Gary Perkinson

    I dipped my land-speed HHR, and it’s lasted for a couple of years. Touch-ups and repairs are easy. Daily-driving conditions might be somewhat tougher on a dipped finish, but overall, PlastiDip is pretty rugged, amazing stuff. The only thing it really doesn’t like is petroleum. I had sealed my Lexan windows with clear, petroleum-based sealant, and the dip pulled away from that pretty quickly (I discovered, however, that coating the sealant with shellac made it much more dip-friendly). That’s why you also need to buy or make some kind of plastic protector below your gas door–gasoline drips will definitely weaken the dip.

  4. gt

    I just media blasted the eastwood version off of my work truck I put it on too thin and did not wax the truck first. Bad deal. I am experienced.

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