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Bonneville Speed Week 2018: Scenes From The Salt On A Friday Full Of Anticipation

Bonneville Speed Week 2018: Scenes From The Salt On A Friday Full Of Anticipation

(Photos by the author) – It’s here! SCTA Bonneville Speed Week 2018 has begun. We were on the salt yesterday to check out the pits and see what we could see as racers were setting up, going through tech, and generally preparing for their own individual assaults on the record books, personal bests, and the conditions that the great white dyno will throw at them. The salt is awesome this year. It is dry, thicker than it has been, and very, very hard. The conditions are in place to see some of the biggest numbers out of the biggest names we have had in years. We’re pumped!

In other great news, the roads and travel lanes are really good as well. Who could forget last year with all the big chuck holes and various rough patches that caused some cars damage before they ever got to the starting line to race. It was a literal minefield by the end of the week and there are no signs of that happening again.

Lastly, the weather is going to be brutally hot and dry…not perfect for comfort but perfect for racers who want to wring every ounce of performance over every minute of time they’ll have to race.

Below are random photos of cool stuff we spotted in the pits on Friday. We’ll be back with more racing stuff tomorrow!


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4 thoughts on “Bonneville Speed Week 2018: Scenes From The Salt On A Friday Full Of Anticipation

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I was talking to one of Project Bullshit’s team members standing near their full-scale model car last Saturday at a car show in my home town. I told him that I couldn’t wait to see and American built car break the 1000mph barrier before theirs had even hit 800mph. Do you know what he said in reply – “Try giving us some money”

    I kid you not – these idiots are actually relying on public donations to achieve their aim and at that rate they won’t do it until 2028! I just said “Go go USA” and walked off thinking how fine it would be if that Lockheed Starfighter with the wings sawn off and wheels added hit 1000mph. No offence to the American Eagle team meant by the way.


      Georgie why are you such a un American Jerk Off ? You comments about the NAE project are totally un called for , they are the only American based team trying to bring back the Land speed record to the states . They have accomplished a lot with nearly nothing , So shut the fuck up you Commie Fucker.

  2. john

    met the carbinite guys at the Syracuse nationals(btw, where was bangshift for 8k cars). cool car. offered to trade seats, my fed for their lsr. no deal. lol. hopefully to see them next year.

  3. Robert Main

    Is there some reason the Speed Demon car is being excluded from your Bonneville coverage? Speed Demon has now made 7 runs, the best one being a 452 yesterday. This morning they blew another engine trying to beat Terminator’s 463 time. They will be on the line tomorrow morning again. Moreover the Demon has been the fastest car for the last 7 years in a row. Tomorrow may very well determine if the Terminator or the Demon will get the Hot Rod Trophy for the fastest car this year.

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