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Book Review: The Great FE Intake Comparo by Jay Brown

Book Review: The Great FE Intake Comparo by Jay Brown

When Jay Brown contacted us and asked if we would be interested in a review copy of his new book, “The Great FE Intake Comparo”, our curiosity-meter was pegged. Was it really possible to write a whole book on an FE intake shootout? Once we got the book, the answer came easily. Hell yeah it could, and even better, it could be one heck of a read! To call Brown an FE enthusiast would be akin to calling Stephen Hawking, “good at math”. Jay is known around the country for his prowess with the FE engine and his various exploits with FE powered iron. Jay is as analytical and data focused as they come and that’s the way the book reads. 

The book is centered around (as the title suggests) a massive comparison test of intake manifolds on the Ford FE engine, but that isn’t all. There is also great info on exhaust manifolds and header comparisons as well. For his testing, Jay used a variety of engines, ranging from stock through heavily modified, but all are streetable. By using multiple engines for each of his tests, the reader gets a good sense of how each manifold works for their particular application. 

Brown really took an objective, scientific approach to this process and he tested all 50(!) of the manifolds without prejudice. The data is presented in massive detail for each test. The manifolds are described and broken down for their physical attributes, and then run on the test engines. The results of each test are then broken down in easy to read wording, dyno charts, and graphs. Some of the pieces tested in this book are virtuallty impossible to find and were loaned to Jay by friends of the project. As much as we liked reading about the exotic stuff, finding out just how well the popular intakes worked was perhaps even more interesting to us. Brown did not write this book to say, “This intake rules and that intake sucks.” Instead, as he clearly states in the opening, he’s gathered all of the data and is letting the reader make the final conclusions. His results are unflinching but never disrespectful. 

As mentioned previously, there is also an interesting manifold and header testing, a section where Jay takes you through his dyno and explaines how each engine will be run, as well as an  areas that goes through all of the various dyno mules that are used for all the testing, which is very neat. 

In our opinion, you certainly do not need to own an FE engine to enjoy this book. If you are into engines and making horsepower, this is a great read. It is NOT the kind of book you read in a day and it is not written to be flashy.  

The pace is methodical and plodding, and it reads like a very objective testing report. The entertainment is not in the prose, but rather learning about the subject matter. As we did, you’ll lose yourself (and all track of time) while spending time with this book.  

We can recommend this great book to anyone in the BangShift Universe. We think is really is a great piece of work. If you are building an FE engine and want to know how to optimize the induction of your combo, you owe it to yourself to buy this book!

The book is currently for sale at the link below for $29.95 – that offer stands until June 1 and then the price moves to $37.95.

(Buy your copy of “The Great FE Intake Comparo) — Here 


Jay's new book! 

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One thought on “Book Review: The Great FE Intake Comparo by Jay Brown

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been following the makings of this book on FordFE.com for years,the dyno testing came first from Jay wanting to cut the BS on Ford Fe Intakes. The early work on his own Drag Week stuff,on somebody elses Dyno just made him want one of his own,luck guy one came up for sale…
    The testing, when he was hard at it read on line like a novel,some old winners from the past pushed aside,the new hero’s dethrorned by past “underacheavers”.
    Look you none Ford Guys may want to look at this book just for the sections on the testing,operation,and calibration of a dydno.

    Yes I got one the first weekend they went on sale.

    A plus,your helping out a fellow Bang Shifter!

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