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BangShift Daily Tune Up: “1320′ ” By Megadeth (2009)

BangShift Daily Tune Up: “1320′ ” By Megadeth (2009)

By far the most hardcore heavy metal song we’ve ever had on the BangShift Daily Tune Up, Megadeth’s 1320 has been on my list since we started but I thought you guys couldn’t handle it this early in the morning. But last week I had not one, but THREE different people tell me this should be one of our songs! I’m so proud of you my little metal heads! As I write this my stereo is cranked to 11+ since Daphne is out of town.

With lyrics like “With a tank full of nitro, And its 1,320′ to go to the finish line” and “a rocket ride in a bucket seat” it’s clear that these guys wrote this song as real drag race fans. In fact, according to what we’ve heard in interviews, the song was actually written about nitro Funny Cars. And considering that the song is called 1320 and was released in 2009 AFTER NHRA started running Fuel Cars to 1000 feet only, we wonder how long this one sat on a shelf, or if it’s their kind of statement that 1000 feet isn’t drag racing. Hmmmmm, we may never know.

Click play to get your heavy metal on this morning. Head banging required!


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3 thoughts on “BangShift Daily Tune Up: “1320′ ” By Megadeth (2009)

  1. crazy canuck

    perfect tune to get going in the shop in the morning. next up on the play list aussie hot rodders airbourne

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