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Best of 2019: BangShift Tune-Up – “Retrowave Run” by Go Harder (2019)

Best of 2019: BangShift Tune-Up – “Retrowave Run” by Go Harder (2019)

Before we begin, let’s come to an understanding of what you are about to hear first. It’s a style of ambient electronic music that holds a very special place in it’s heart for everything about the 1980s in a retro-futuristic viewpoint. So you’ll hear sound samples of 1980s movies and shows, or songs, or maybe re-worked bits of different songs re-imagined into something else. The goal is to leave the listener dreaming of everything that was good about the 1980s…the cars, the clothes, the synthesizers, and more. I’m a fan of this stuff as cool-down music…I find it calming. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and with the usual video setups (usually a neon-art mix of cars and 1980s technology as a holder picture on YouTube while the music plays on), I understand completely. But maybe that can be helped…

This C4 Corvette is owned by Łukasz Góra and it’s based out of Poland. It’s slammed on it’s nuts, stanced, and fits the bill of what most retrowave car references look like. Góra’s Vette is a movie poster with just that extra modification to it that looks dead-nuts on in this form. Cue up nighttime driving shots, killer lighting, and you’ve got Corvette poster material in moving form. There isn’t one “sneakers and shorts” joke here. Instead, I’m thinking about every nighttime drive I’ve ever made in Phoenix, in Colorado Springs, in Seattle and Los Angeles, and thinking about how that much cooler it would be if I was in a car like this Corvette. Streetlights reflecting off of the mirror-perfect red paint, with the headlights down and the fog lights on…the attitude is spot-freaking on.

It’s not for everybody. But it might just be for you.

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10 thoughts on “Best of 2019: BangShift Tune-Up – “Retrowave Run” by Go Harder (2019)

  1. Z51

    Corvette snobs don\’t like C4\’s but you have to admit they are nice looking cars. I get thumbs up from the general public every time I take mine out of the garage.

  2. Steve Akker

    I like that the ” Stance ” isn’t so severe that its undriveable. On one hand its just a video of a guy going to get gas ….on the other hand its artful video and music of a really sweet ride. Hats off to all involved !

  3. Scott Liggett

    The music and mood would be more appropriate with a montage of Sonny Crocket wheeling his Ferrari through the streets of Miami late at night.

  4. David Sanborn

    I’m just thrilled to see a round-taillight C4 looking so good. As I own one, I’m biased. Really biased. I even kinda, sorta wish mine had the earlier digital dash …

  5. TheCrustyAutoworker

    I love the C4’s looks, but I get scared off every time I look inside at the I.P. and a few other bits in the cabin.
    But maybe one day I’ll get over it and pull the trigger on one, there is just so much potential for a really cool ride with a bit of work.

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