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Best of 2019: This Rumble-Seat Cadillac Will Always Be Stared At

Best of 2019: This Rumble-Seat Cadillac Will Always Be Stared At

As I look at the photos of what used to be some sort of 1968 Cadillac, I find myself wondering what angle I should take this particular post. It would be easy to go full-on troll and talk all sorts of smack about this car, but look over the photos and tell me that, idea aside, that the execution isn’t decent. The red paint looks well chosen, the wires and whitewalls look class, the interior is mercifully stock, and overall, everything looks well kept, polished up and ready to go. But you cannot ignore what you are seeing, either: a  six-wheeled Cadillac with sixteen exhaust tubes coming out from the elongated front fenders, a two-seater with a rumble seat built into the trunk, and proportions that will make you think of Cruella deVille’s car or…well, use your imagination.

To own a Cadillac of this vintage is to accept being brash. From the start, owning a Cadillac told the world something…you had money, you had success and you had no trouble treating yourself when the moment was right. So, what does this particular car tell the world? That you want to make damn sure that everybody who sees you wants to know every last detail on the “why?” of the car? That you have class and taste, but that you also might have a touch of schizophrenia? Whatever the case may be, you better prepare the answers for the questions now, because without the shadow of a doubt, there will be questions. Lots of them.

eBay Link: 1968 Cadillac…um…..

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14 thoughts on “Best of 2019: This Rumble-Seat Cadillac Will Always Be Stared At

  1. Brett

    Without an underhood shot, and no mention of a V16, I suspect it’s only sporting a stock V8.
    Now what would really be over the top dare to be different? An Eldorado with twin 500/TH425s with four front wheels! And heck, why not use a herse body and hide a couple more 500 inchers spinning duallies! It’s almost too easy…

  2. GeorgeA

    In terms of proportions, this isn’t far off from the 1960s GM Design V12 and V16 proposals for the Eldorado that Wayne Kady drew up.

    Having said that, it’s still, uh . . .I dunno? A candidate for an engine swap with one of those LS V12s?

  3. Tom P

    A bright red Tux and a red big brim hat with a feather.

    It looks well done and is an attention getter so I think it’s probably not a failure.
    Yeah twin 500’s would suit it.

  4. RK - no relation

    The panels look pretty straight in the photos, which could indicate high quality build. With that much effort getting such a long hood, it needs at least double the number of cylinders.

    Or what Paul said, waste of a 68 Caddy

  5. Bill Greenwood

    Ditch the pipes and the wide whites. And put a twin turbo 500″ Caddy under the hood.

  6. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    At least the blood of the idiot builder won’t show on this abortion as it is crushed with him chained inside it!

  7. Albert

    I saw this at a car show recently. It’s got a stock 472 V8. It looks pretty nice in person. Someone said it was built for Evel Knievel but it wasn’t the owner that said that.

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