eBay Find: One Sinister Pro Street 1978 Pontiac LeMans – Need A Drag Week Car?

eBay Find: One Sinister Pro Street 1978 Pontiac LeMans – Need A Drag Week Car?

Oh, this is tasty: the Pontiac LeMans, the kissing cousin to the Chevrolet Malibu, in full back-halved trim and ready to run. In flat black, tubbed out and prepared, this A/G body is calling out to be ran hard, and with only seventeen passes on the car since completion, it’s not even really broken in yet. The hood scoop looks like an A12 scoop off of a 440-6 Mopar, but it works well and the rest of the LeMans appears to be fairly unmolested. Paint? At your leisure. Interior? Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

From the ad: All items and build are new and completed during the past 3 years. Chassis work was done by Randy Craig in New Buffalo Michigan on Jig approximately 8 years ago. He was one of the best in the area. He has since retired. His quality is outstanding. 360 SBC, 2 bolt main, all ARP, eagle rotating assembly, Edelbrock 64cc heads, Victor Jr. air gap intake, 750 Proform Race carburetor, all MSD Ignition, Lunati Drag Race camshaft part # 30120919 3,800 to 7,200 RPM, 292 int./302 exh, 0.550 int./0.571 exh, Hooker headers, do have Purple Hornie muffler for street use, estimated 500 HP however not on dyno, based off of Hot Rod, Car Craft articles, and other professional references. Rebuilt TH400 34 element sprag, red clutches, B&M 3,500 stall nitrous converter, also have rebuilt Coan 5,000 stall converter, rebuilt by Coan, reverse manual valve body, trans brake, line lock.

lemans 3

Aluminum radiator, electric fan, trans cooler with fan, painless wiring harness, 12 pt cage with slide out door roll bar, front tubular upper control arms, sway bar is removed, 12 bolt 4.88, C-clip eliminator, fully adjustable ladder bar, QAI coil overs with QAI double adjustable shocks, cars has been scaled and suspension set, Hoosier slicks 31-18.5-15 and Mickey Thompson street/strip tires 29-18-15, Mickey Thompson front runners, Weld wheels, Lizard Skin paint on floor and fire wall, absolutely straight body, black base coat, clear coat, cut in on door jambs trunk, etc,currently in Eastwood epoxy primer, most items SFI certified with 2 years remaining, needs final block sanding prior to paint, I have all window trim, door lock, etc. ready to install once painted. Right rear tailamp is repaired will need replaced or repaired. I have three others to pull parts from for repair. Car is street strip, runs consistent 11.70’s, with me cutting not so good reaction times, car has been used very little and 17 race passes.

lemans 4

There are so many new high quality – high performance parts and items I have not listed. Only the best. This car runs and drives great and straight on the street. The suspension is dialed in and launches straight on the strip as you can see in the video. The car is ready for paint. Will need minor sanding priming, wet sanding. Panel alignment is really good – a lot of spent of doors and fender alignment. Car is not perfect as pictures can be deceiving. However this car is in what I call great shape. It is a quality build with a lot of time spent with attention to detail and planing the build.

Our call? Leave it black and get ready for Drag Weekend.

eBay Link: 1978 Pontiac LeMans

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8 thoughts on “eBay Find: One Sinister Pro Street 1978 Pontiac LeMans – Need A Drag Week Car?

  1. jerry z

    That is a clean looking Poncho! Screw Drag Week, (unless they plan on having one on the right coast) I’d drive it every week!

  2. Jim

    A lot of money spent, but not wisely. The first thing I don’t like is how close to the steering wheel the front down bar is. I would change that. Next is all those good parts in a 2 bolt main block. That’s just asking for trouble. Also, all that time and money spent using a 12 bolt rear end. Trouble in the future with one of those. Which also means that the u-joints are probably not 1350 series, more trouble at some point. This is all with out calling and asking for a few more details. But to each their own.

    1. Jerry Lundegaard

      Jim, you get today’s “that guy” award. There’s always some jerk in the room who could’ve done it better. I’d like to know how many times you’ve heard of a high eleven second car destroying a 12 bolt rear end. I haven’t. I know guys who have run well into the 8s with a decently prepared 12 bolt. Also, to think that a 2 bolt main can’t handle 350-400 horse is just plain ignorant. Yes, my friend, you are that guy who knows more than anyone who has ever built a car. Please feel free to share a link to your flawless ride.

      1. Jim

        Dear Turdegarrd, didn’t know I need your permission to point out flaws as I see them. If you can’t stand reading what you consider to be different from the way you see it then perhaps you should take a hike somewhere else where everyone will see the world the way you think they should. Oh yea, bite me dick head.

        1. Jerry Lundegaard

          Jim, so sorry to have hurt your sensitive feelings. I’m merely pointing out that your mentioned “flaws” are not flaws at all. They are only an example of your arrogance and ignorance.

  3. C1BAD66 Malibu

    Doggone it, that Poncho looks clean. The pics are in line with the owner’s description.

    ‘Hope someone gets a fair deal on it. I like it! I’m gonna try to follow it through the bid process.

  4. Jay bree

    What a great car! I hope it gets a good home.

    As for the “if only you spent more money it could be better….” comments.

    It’s just That Guy….

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