Incredible Wreckage: Watch The Disastrous Start To A GT Class Road Race In Germany

Incredible Wreckage: Watch The Disastrous Start To A GT Class Road Race In Germany

Wickam tipped us off to this one and it is a doozy. The footage comes from the Oschersleben race course in Germany where a road racing event was being held. The cars are all flipping awesome with a mix of Corvettes, BMWs, Porsches, Audis, Mercedes, and we think we could even make out a Camaro in one of the clips. Full race cars, wide body, slicks, roll cages, the works, these are serious cars for sure. As the field comes around the last corner of the pace lap, they get the green flag, go hammer down and then all hell literally breaks loose. Cars begin to cross the track and gather each other up as they are so tightly packed together, there’s no where for other racers to escape to. A pile of Corvettes are destroyed, a BMW gets chewed up, but there is an Audi that becomes a low flying stunt plane for a while that totally gets the worst of it.

The Audi suffers a big frontal impact with the wall and then snap rolls several times. We actually lost count in all the dust, debris, and flying parts that are strewn about. While the wreck itself is incredible, it is the coverage of it that literally blew us away. You see this thing replayed about half a dozen times from different angles and they are all really good angles. You’ll see it from the front, back, and side. You’ll see it from the back of a leading car, and the front of a trailing car. Hell, you’ll even see the footage of the team’s reaction as they watched it. It looks bad from the wide angle and it looks WORSE from close up.

We did some digging and the drivers all “walked away” at some level from the crash. It is actually pretty cool seeing the drivers help each other get out of cars and stuff after the dust settles. While road racing does not have the overt “holy crap that is insane” nature of drag racing, this video is 100% proof that the guys wheeling these cars are certainly participating in a high risk activity. Wow.


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3 thoughts on “Incredible Wreckage: Watch The Disastrous Start To A GT Class Road Race In Germany

  1. John T

    the R8 that started the whole thing seemed to come off the worst out of everyone involved….

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Well – that’s the last time the local scnapps distiller sponsored a race and handed out vast amounts of their product for drivers to drink just before the start!

  3. Michael

    Actually Nicki Thiim (the Audi driver) bruised his private parts in this accident, but that could have been a lot worse. The BMW driver helping Jeroen Bleekemolen out of his Corvette is Jens Klingmann.

    And yeah, back then there used to be a Reiter Camaro in that field too! great car in a straight line (8.3l V8), brutal sound, but it just wouldn’t turn…

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