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Rough Start: An Eastern Washington Buick Apollo In A Fetching Shade Of Lime

Rough Start: An Eastern Washington Buick Apollo In A Fetching Shade Of Lime

Sometimes all you need to sell a car is a good price and a some fetching photos of the car. In this case, this 1973 Buick Apollo stood out from the typical myriad of rides I’d walk past any day of the week. The Apollo is a Nova with a Buick badge, and other than the nose and tail of the car, there isn’t much to tell it apart from any of the other X-cars. The Apollo looks clean enough in a fresh coat of lime with black accents and a set of Buick Rallys on it, but open the doors and you can see the original avocado green color.



Underhood is a 350ci V8, which is claimed to be a Buick motor. (I’m not good enough yet to tell the differences between GM’s 350s so a little help is appreciated if you can.) The 350 is hooked to the usual-suspect TH350 which shifts on the column. Inside it’s brown leather bench seats in an otherwise black interior. There’s just enough wear on the inside to be legitimate without the inside looking absolutely thrashed.

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Using the Rough Start formula, there would be another $2500 set aside for fun. I think an assessment of the car is in order to make sure all is well. If you’re lucky enough that the car is sound and stout, it’s suspension and brakes time. And a wheel upgrade…I don’t care if they were stock, even a Nova-based Buick is too big to be wearing 14″ wheels.

CLICK HERE to see this 1973 Apollo’s Craigslist ad!



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5 thoughts on “Rough Start: An Eastern Washington Buick Apollo In A Fetching Shade Of Lime

  1. Scott

    Yep that’s a Buick 350. If I were close i’d be heading to look at it now, but I’m a Buick guy. Too bad they painted it, I think it’s close to my Skylarks color. Some good handling suspension mods would be great for a driver like this.

  2. derbydad276

    brings back some happy memories … my first car was a 73 Apollo the buick 350 made a little more torque than the chevy 350 my buddy had in his nova
    so I was a little bit faster after finding a factory cast iron 4 Bbl intake (damn ) was it heavy and adding dual glass packs I had a nice running driver


    Dont see Apollo’s too often…Omegas too for that matter….I like it…but that color…that color….ugh.

  4. Scott Liggett

    I have a small problem with Buick Apollos. My last street race was against one which supposedly had a Stage 1 455 under the hood. What was not in debate was the drunken asshat at the wheel who tried to cut me off in mid-race, but succeeded in rolling his car four times in front of me. He did get me out of street racing permanently.

  5. braktrcr

    Somebody liked it enough. The Craigslist ad was deleted. Bet it’s a fun driver. Earl Scheib can change the color for $19.95 or has that gone up since I was a kid?

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