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Rough Start: Get Your Long Roof Fix With This 1979 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon!

Rough Start: Get Your Long Roof Fix With This 1979 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon!

If you haven’t noticed yet, the desirable late 1970s-early 1980s cars are starting to come up in value. What do we mean by “desirable”, when quite a few people dismiss that entire era as garbage? Four-eye Mustangs, GM F-bodies and GM A/G bodies like this 1979 Chevrolet Malibu station wagon are certain bets. The A/G station wagons, in particular, have an almost cult-like following, one that this author doesn’t quite understand all that well. But to each their own, and to be fair to the car, I can understand why people would be all over this one.


Compared to the large A-body wagons of the prior generation, this era Malibu was neat, crisp and free of the overstuffing and gingerbread that the earlier generation cars had plenty of. You still got a full frame, a small-block as an option, plenty of seating and more, but you didn’t have to have a large barge with massive battering-ram bumpers occupying your driveway. The only true downside with the A/G cars were the engines themselves…they were right at the height of the Malaise period, so even if you did luck out into a top-option car, you were saddled with a dog of a small-block. In this Malibu, that issue has been rectified with a crate Goodwrench 350 that’s about 5,000 miles old, fitted with some good parts, including an electric water pump and a Champion 2-core radiator. The TH350 automatic is even fresher, with only 50 miles on it, and you will be shifting on the floor, not the column. The paint and interior are original, and overall the car presents itself as a pleasant daily driver.

malibu-wagon-4 malibu-wagon-3

You might want to stick a head unit and some HVAC controls back into the pod in the dash before you actually try to drive this car around, just for comfort’s sake, but with $500 leftover from the $5,000 Rough Start budget, we wouldn’t worry about that right away.

Craigslist Link: 1979 Chevrolet Malibu station wagonmalibu-6

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7 thoughts on “Rough Start: Get Your Long Roof Fix With This 1979 Chevrolet Malibu Wagon!

  1. jerry z

    Need a little more the HVAC controls as the complete box is missing from the firewall. Price is not bad since it looks rust free which never existed in the northeast. Even down here in the southeast its tough finding a decent A/G body for a reasonable price.

  2. Pizzandoughnuts

    I know I sure do enjoy our ’79, some times I wish though that there was more aftermarket interior parts avalibable, especially plastic pieces.

  3. greg

    Damn someone check Geordie’s temp,he isn’t bashing a chevy,maybe photoshop a turbo ls motor to the wagon and see if he changes his mind!

    1. http://www./

      Om du bare trener hver muskelgruppe én gang i uken, mener jeg du trygt kan trene til failure (utmattelse på norsk). Om du hadde trent oftere, ville jeg variert mellom treningsøkter hvor du går til failure og treningsøkter hvor du er hakket mer forsiktig.Misforstå meg riktignok rett; om du kjører 30 reps til failure på biceps, så kaster du bort tiden din. Da må du løfte tyngre.

  4. Piston Pete

    I’m curious (not enough to call, no cash) about the real story here. This has been on New Mexico (Clovis) CL for months and the price is way fair, shoulda sold by now.

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