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The “WTF?!” Files: 1993 Geo Metro Dually Truck Conversion In Full Trolling Mode!

The “WTF?!” Files: 1993 Geo Metro Dually Truck Conversion In Full Trolling Mode!

Do any of you remember the 1993 Chevrolet Highlander concept truck? It was a preview of the upcoming 1994 Chevrolet S-10, with a bunch of the cues that made it to the ZR2 off-roading package, painted in neon green and purple with gray body cladding. It was…well…period correct, let’s be nice about it. I got to see it at a show once up-close, and it was plain as day a just about ready preview truck. Sure, the interior looked like it was raided from either a Beretta, a Pontiac something-or-other or was composed of Vauxhall parts, but it was completed and mobile. But the colors…I couldn’t get past the color scheme of that rig. Neon green and purple. Hallucinogens are needed to see those two shades together as a proper mix. It was a neat concept, but with the colors I couldn’t help but feel that Chevrolet was just toying with some form of the buying public…which form, my ten-year-old brain couldn’t figure out.

Alright, let’s try this again: lime green paint, Chromeleon-style flip paint on the lower third of the body, diamond plate running boards, fender flares, a Lund-style windshield shade, and a bed on a 1993 Geo Metro. You know that alcohol was a factor in this build. I’m old enough to have stopped making fun of Metros years ago…50 MPG highway while giving Prius owners the middle finger works, even if the car was barely more than a glorified go-kart. But to paint one in LimeLight, convert it to a truck and give it dual rear wheels? That’s professional-level trolling if I’ve ever seen it. Imagine parking this next to a Ram 5500 or a Ford F-45o. You could put this car in the bed of the truck without a second thought!

The thing is…I’m actually digging it. Not the electric limeade paint color or the tacked-on goofball bits, but the idea of a Metro dually. Get some stock Metro rollers and paint them silver. Spray-bomb the car to a more serious color and give it some bullshit upscale package name, like the “Geo Metro Dark Crevice edition”. Give it two big driving lights up front, maybe a mini roo bar. And if you are deadly serious about having fun with truck owners, make a trailer out of another Metro that can be towed behind this one.

I might look like a Barnum & Bailey’s clown crammed into one, but I promise that if I had my way with this little ute conversion, I’d be telling every Duramax owner something about being sorry for…ugh…sorry for…well, I’m sure you know what I’m trying to say, right?

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5 thoughts on “The “WTF?!” Files: 1993 Geo Metro Dually Truck Conversion In Full Trolling Mode!

  1. Matt Cramer

    For maximum lulz, put a smoke machine in the bed blowing through a fake stack as well.

  2. bob

    I kept skipping over this one and finally clicked on it today. I am ashamed to say I like it. Not the butcher job I was expecting.

  3. Rodney Missildine

    One car two tone three cylinder four door five speed the road im on it twist it turns it curves it bends…takes me places where forever never ends…life is a highway where the fun always begins…..r.p.m.w.f.o.90 plus top speed maxed out….how we roll here n there without one single care…o my geo metro buzzin like a bumble bee…are we there yet are we there yet when i get up to speed…o my geo metro one car two tone three cylinder four dour five speed…hot rod petal to the medal pole position checker flag winnner for the lead. Alabama watchman. Rodney wayne missildine

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