Update: Jason Tabscott’s Truck Found! Now, We Need To Locate His Stolen 1975 Camaro!

Update: Jason Tabscott’s Truck Found! Now, We Need To Locate His Stolen 1975 Camaro!

It has been almost four months since Jason Tabscott’s GMC Sierra, car trailer, and the white 1975 Chevrolet Camaro that ran hard in Street Race Small-Block N/A on Drag Week this year were stolen out of a parking lot near Gateway Motorsports Park. Up until recently, the three items just seemed to have vanished into thin air, but a couple of days ago the GMC Sierra appeared, abandoned in St. Louis. The truck had been resprayed silver, had the windows tinted, and has seen some battles…there are even bulletholes in the body of the Sierra.

Tabscott Sierra 2

Getting the Sierra back, even in it’s semi-trashed state, doesn’t help the loss of the Camaro that Tabscott had spent fifteen years putting together. The car is a 1975 (big back window) Camaro, with black bumpers and a Dzus fastened cowl hood, and was last seen with Indiana plates 980MCT. The last reported sighting of the cars placed them somewhere in the Wentzville, Missouri area shortly after the thefts, so there is a chance that the car is still within range of St. Louis.

I can’t begin to understand the loss of a car that you’ve owned for decades, spent nearly two decades wrenching on, and had just hit a high with. What I do understand is just how low the thieves really are. This wasn’t a sophisticated car theft, this was a smash-and-grab: the thieves bashed out the back window of his wife’s SUV, stole her purse (where the keys to the truck were at) and split before anybody knew what happened. I can speak about vengeance and who deserves what all day long, but the truth is that the only person who I can assure deserves anything is Jason Tabscott…he deserves his Camaro back. Be on the look out, readers.



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2 thoughts on “Update: Jason Tabscott’s Truck Found! Now, We Need To Locate His Stolen 1975 Camaro!

  1. BSD289

    That must have been gut wrenching having all that stuff taken.. Good luck and really hope you get it back..

  2. 75Duster

    I hope that Jason gets his car back from the assholes that took his prized possession and he gets justice. I saw how well his Camaro ran at Gateway and when I last saw it, it was on his trailer behind his truck in the pits.
    Although I am a hard core Mopar guy, I hope that he gets his Camaro back and street justice will be inflicted on the assholes that took his car.
    I live nowhere near Wentzville, but I will look for it in the St.Louis area.

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