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Blog War: Forget That Brady Bunch Wagon And Go For This Gorgeous Country Squire!

Blog War: Forget That Brady Bunch Wagon And Go For This Gorgeous Country Squire!

Okay, Gator…congratulations on finding a big-block LTD wagon. I’ll give you credit where it’s due, a big-block station wagon is getting hard to find, regardless of who made it. And you even got a free set of Torque-Thrust style wheels in the deal, not bad. In fact, the only thing I can truly nit-pick about the Ford that can’t be easily changed involves the rear seats. Facing each other? You’re talking about war, but if you were to stick two kids that close to each other face-to-face and hit the open highway, by the time you hit the first rest stop they would look like the combined efforts of both Tyson vs. Holyfield fights. Not a smart move, if I must say. And according to the wording of the ad, you might want to see somebody about your peeling wood. It isn’t looking good lately…


If you want a BangShift-worthy Ford wagon, however, skip the Brady wagon and take a look at this 1965 Ford Country Squire. This is how you do it. It’s not a big-block wagon, but a 302 under the hood is no snoozer either. It still has the face-to-face rear seats so cross-country fist fighting is still a possibility. And just look how clean it is! The Brady wagon, by comparison, looks like a bad prop from The Walking Dead or Escape From L.A.


It may be a dead-on stocker, but what better way to start with a project? This beauty is as fresh as it gets, and even includes the 1965 Massachusetts inspection sticker in the center of the windshield! Wait…Massachusetts…you know who is close to this car? Yuuuuup!


Your move, boss. Trump this!

eBay Link: 1965 Ford Country Squire


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14 thoughts on “Blog War: Forget That Brady Bunch Wagon And Go For This Gorgeous Country Squire!

  1. Gregg68

    Ooooohhhh. Seems too clean to do anything to. I’d at least remove the hubcaps. However, as person born in ’68, the Poncho and the LTD resonate more for me. My heart is still telling me the LTD. But this ’65 beats the Caddies in my book.

  2. TJ Martin

    So lets see now . Fake vinyl ‘ wood ‘ siding guaranteed to wrinkle , curl , rip and tear . Looks that only a blind mother on one substance or another could possibly love . A wagon that brings back all the nightmares of the age it was from [ like rampant incest , child abuse , the Viet Nam so called ‘ war ] One of the most asthmatic 302 V8’s Ford ever built . About as much ‘ cool ‘ factor as Mr Rogers bow ties and sweaters .

    And this is in any way , shape or form a ‘ winner ‘ ? A major league wiener maybe . But a winner ?

    Not hardly !

    Hell ! A Volvo 240 wagon has more ‘ cool ‘ factor than this pitiful excuse of a Ford will ever hope to have .

    A great big capitol ‘ F ‘ for you today Mr McTaggert

    1. Roger

      You, sir are on drugs. A Volvo? Really? There’s not one Volvo on this planet that will ever be cool, unless you’re some tree-hugging vegan pansy that likes nerdy boring SSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW cars.

  3. Wes

    I’ve got a 1966 Ranch Wagon version of this candidate in my garage…and a complete 1999 4.6L/4R70W driveline for it. Saturn Gold, factory A/C, P/S, original 289/Cruise-o-matic car. Has a pristine roof, which is the main reason I bought it. Long roofs rule.

  4. Scott Liggett

    Needs a trailer hitch for those camping trips and a bunch of water transfer decals from all the touristy places you had visited. And, where is the roof rack for the luggage? If you got kids in the third row, where do you put the luggage?

  5. Alan Reinhart

    302 Engine
    Dead on stocker.

    At least one of these statements is false…………

  6. Tom P

    It should be a 289 in 65. No 302’s until 68.
    The buckets and console must be a very rare option.
    That would be worth buying. Not for me, i’ve got more than my quota and need to sell my wagon.

  7. Glenn

    Dad had a white ’65 Ranch Wagon with a 352 four barrel. Had my own car by then so I only drove it a couple times but it was capable of a pretty respectable burnout. 😉

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