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Rough Start: 1977 Ford LTD – A Mob Sled For Minimal Money!

Rough Start: 1977 Ford LTD – A Mob Sled For Minimal Money!

She’s long and low, black and chrome. A steady rhythm thumps out from the engine, the steam escaping into the night air. They don’t make them like this anymore…haven’t for years now, it seems. Back in the day, when it was new, it would’ve been a solid cruiser for someone who loved the yachts of the 1950s but wanted a new car. Now, though…this one went rogue. Parked in a neat driveway in a nice neighborhood isn’t in the cards for this Ford anymore. No, happiness will be found out on an open desert road, in the rest stops and diners along the way.

Ok, I might have gone into a trance for a moment. Growing up, these LTDs seemed to be everywhere…huge, ungainly, in no hurry to get out of anybody’s way, and taking up enough space to fit a couple of Hyundais in. They were dinosaurs when they were sold new, huge barges that drank fuel like a dehydrated camel drinks water, useable for either engine donation or a demolition derby. But there is something about this particular 1977 LTD that works. What is it? The first slickroof coupe I can recollect seeing of this generation? The simple black-and-chrome color scheme? I might not know what the draw is, but there is one for this Ford.

Details are limited, but the seller obviously had a similar vision for this car than I’m currently having. So let’s check out how it works with the $5,000 Rough Start budget: Pay $2,200 for Ford. What do you use the rest of your money for? Whatever you desire as you rip down a dusty two-lane with the sun almost out of sight, that’s what.

Craigslist Link: 1977 Ford LTD

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7 thoughts on “Rough Start: 1977 Ford LTD – A Mob Sled For Minimal Money!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    We don’t wanna ride around in this – we want that thing with an airplane engine!

    Da Mob…

  2. oldguy

    460 + a C6 …..run through the suspension + brakes
    mileage might actually improve…..Love me some LTD/C Vic’s


    I like it. I’d clean up the interior and some nice Magnum 500’s and drive it.
    I loved these things then, I love them now. never seen one without all the BS trim…they clean up real nice!

  4. Ed

    Interesting without the vinyl roof. Usually would only see that on a very plain low option Custom or Custom 500 in that era.

  5. C.M. Bendig

    Perfect car for a 5.4L and a overdrive. the bat emblem needs to go.
    a rust free car for $2,200 the seller is in the real world.

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