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Rough Start: Want An Aussie Falcon But Need Space? This 1977 Ford Falcon XC GS Panelvan Should Do The Trick!

Rough Start: Want An Aussie Falcon But Need Space? This 1977 Ford Falcon XC GS Panelvan Should Do The Trick!

This time around, I’m taking the Rough Start project hunting abroad once again! As usual, there have to be slight adaptations to the program, so before we get into the vehicle of choice, here’s the changes:

  • Since we’re hunting in Australia, and the exchange rate is about $1.39 Australian to a US Dollar, we’re setting the budget at $7,000 AUD.
  • We are ignoring the cost of importation. That’s on you, buddy.
  • We’re looking for something distinctly Australian. That’s the point, right?

One of, if not the first car everybody tends to picture from our friends down under is the Ford Falcon. We started shipping the compact Fords to them, but by the early 1970s the tables had turned and they were building them just fine on their own. They were cars that initiated the Supercar Scare, the movie legend ride of Mad Max, and is still one of the most sought-after choices for a build you can find. Would we love to find a coupe for this kind of price range? Of course, but put bluntly, keep dreaming, pal. But let’s offer up an option: a builder XC panelvan. Think of it as a station wagon on ‘roids. You get the nose section of an XC Falcon, the last of the body line that started with the XA back in 1972, and you get the space benefits of an extended rear with a raised roof. Our Aussie readers will have to clue you in as to the real purpose of the panelvan, but from where I sit, you’ve got two options: one, you wind up with a badass parts hauler, something less dorky than an SUV but as useable. The other is the ultimate roadtrip vehicle, something you can throw a mattress in the back of and camp for days or weeks on end if you’re so inclined. Drag Week gets a lot cheaper if you don’t have to pay for hotel rooms every night!

With a 302 and some GT dress-up bits, the parts are there. What’s needed is some rust repair, which shouldn’t be shocking for a car from 1977, and a good cleanup and paint job. If you’ve toyed with the idea of shopping outside of the country, this wouldn’t be a bad way to go!

Gumtree Link: 1977 Ford Falcon (XC) GS Panelvan

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9 thoughts on “Rough Start: Want An Aussie Falcon But Need Space? This 1977 Ford Falcon XC GS Panelvan Should Do The Trick!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie


    It could be great with as a Falcon Aussie sedan racing panel van or fully restored to stock condition. But you could probably get the Ford Escort Mk2 based Sundowner van with a 2 liter Pinto engine for the same money which would be more practical on British roads.

    1. aussie351

      Have a look at the XD Sundowner. It was sold alongside the Escort Sundowner here in Australia.
      Just like an Escort, but with room to stretch out in the back.
      And a V8 option

  2. Ian

    VIN code says it’s a 302 Cleveland, as does the price.
    Australia made the Cleveland in 302ci form, it’s the most common version Cleveland here as it was the only V8 option for certain models, especially in the later years.
    This is actually pretty well priced, more so it the rust isn’t that bad.

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