We Never Expected To See A 1990s Ford Thunderbird Drifting, But This Rules!

We Never Expected To See A 1990s Ford Thunderbird Drifting, But This Rules!

Yes, I’m on a MN-12 kick this week, and for good reason: nobody builds these things, it seems, and they go for pennies on the dollar when they sell. The Ford Thunderbird, Lincoln Mark VIII and Mercury Cougar have potential, but proving that it’s worth exploiting for more than just another body for drag racing takes a bit of work. Ok, fine…I understand. So I went hunting, and for a while, I kept coming up with the same two paths. I can find plenty when it comes to drag cars, though nothing really stood out, and I can find many pretty drivers and show cars that look cool, but just park and sit. Not exactly our style. Then I found, purely by accident, this black Thunderbird pretending to be a Nissan S14 around a course. That’s right…someone is pro-drifting a Ford Thunderbird.

We dig seeing American cars at drifting competitions, but our time around drifting events is pretty much limited to LS Fest, where we’ve seen a late-model Pontiac GTO, a fourth-gen Camaro, and a C6 Corvette hanging the tail out. The Thunderbird isn’t exactly the perfect car for pro drifting…it’s big, doesn’t have quite the steering range lock-to-lock that a typical drift car would have, and it’s heavy. But if you can drive the hell out of one car, you’re good…if you can do the same in any car, you’re great. We know that the driver has bounced around forums under the “Slidebird” name, so if by some reason you’re reading this…dude. Well done.

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