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A Moment Of Zen: An Untouched Barn Find, And It’s First Wash

A Moment Of Zen: An Untouched Barn Find, And It’s First Wash

They might still be out there, but locating that one-in-a-million untouched barn find that isn’t reduced to paper-thin metal and a useful VIN tag is getting rarer by the day for the kinds of cars we dream about. We are all about saving every last one that can be saved, but circumstances determine whether the car can be saved, should be saved, or left to return to the earth. In the case of this early 1970s Dodge Dart, the story is a dream: after the Dart was left for five years in a parking lot, it was moved into this barn where it camped for fifteen years in Texas. Nice and dry, but in the perfect spot for the talc-like “moon dust” to coat the A-body hard enough that even Hemi Orange could be hidden, the wanna-be Swinger sat, unmoving, unknown, and abandoned, picked of parts during it’s parking lot sojourn.

If I was to ever witness the recovery of a barn-find vehicle, let it be just like this Dart: I want to see it in place, where it had been for years or even decades. Then I want to see it in the sun, as-is, dirty and all. Then I want to be there for the first wash. The amount of silt pouring off of the Dart is incredible, and overall, it wouldn’t take a ton of work to get it back to good. A front bumper, rear bumper, taillights, rear glass, and fender corner for the 1971 grille would complete the body and as long as the 318 isn’t locked up, there’s hope. And for someone looking for a classic to restore, hope is all you need.

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One thought on “A Moment Of Zen: An Untouched Barn Find, And It’s First Wash

  1. 69rrboy

    Saw this video before. Was that the first day that guy ever saw a factory hood or key release? What an idiot!!

    At least they get some nice parts to sell and it’s a 2 door. A bronze 318 71 Dart GT with a white top and white interior and AC would be a nice car. Hopefully they’ll put it back together that way instead of just another clone car.


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