Not Smart: Chicagoland Street Racers Jailed After Police Investigate Youtube Videos

Not Smart: Chicagoland Street Racers Jailed After Police Investigate Youtube Videos

(By Greg Rourke) – First off, these are my opinions. I’m Greg Rourke, just a contributor.

Maybe I’m an cranky old guy. Strike that, I am a cranky old guy. I find nothing acceptable with street racing. The Fast and Furious franchise and Street Outlaws to me seem to be encouraging an illegal, dangerous activity. Would they broadcast a “reality show” about a guy who robs liquor stores? Maybe I shouldn’t give anyone any ideas. If you’re going to particpate in illegal activities, maybe don’t video it and show the world on Youtube.
Here we have some cat who wanted everyone to know he owned a Hellcat Challenger. He had (past tense) a Youtube channel showing off the power of the car. He had his kids strapped in car seats in said Hellcat while participating in random hoonage. He wanted to have the fastest Hellcat on Youtube, until the car burned to the ground. The Plainfield, Illinois constabulary had zero sense of humor about these activities taking place in their quiet community and arrested him. A few other guys were also identified in the videos now find certain body parts in the wringer.  At least one of them had a few other previous legal entanglements.
Family Cruising on Youtube is now scrubbed of any videos. His mother is soliciting donations to cover bail and legal fees. I imagine his wife and four kids will be wondering where their next meals will be coming from. Wait a minute…Plainfield, Illinois. Isn’t that right next to Joliet, Illinois, fifteen minutes away? Home of Route 66 Raceway, where one can race legally and safely?

Click here to read the full story in the Chicago Tribune – A whole lot of bad here, kids 

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13 thoughts on “Not Smart: Chicagoland Street Racers Jailed After Police Investigate Youtube Videos

  1. MGBChuck

    Often wondered about making videos of illegal activities, one of the biggest and nicest Cars&Coffee shows here in Ca. (Blackhawk) had the videos of people coming and going to it acting like fools as a contributing factor in the ending of it.

  2. Kent Reed

    I saw this on our local news. We get Chicago news. This jagoff .Was running over 90mph through neighborhood streets .With a 6 or 7 yr old kid ridding with. He did a bunch of vids like that. The good thing is . No one was hurt. And this jagoff is done. I think he was charged with a bunch felonies. What an ass.

  3. 75Duster

    I use to work with a guy that would street race his 2008 SS Camaro and he would film them on his cell phone, I’m sure eventually that karma will catch up with him and he will be caught.

  4. geo815

    Whomever sends this idiot money for bail is as much of a moron as he allegedly is. I can only hope his kids learn what not to do from his example.

  5. Tracey

    He’s actually had two “Go-Fund-Me” requests for money.

    The first when he blew the hellcat motor to help buy a new one and now his legal fees one.

    F that guy. People like him are why everyone else driving something sportier than a Corolla get hassled.

  6. Rob

    Clicked on the link to read the story and thought – It looks like dumb and dumber,looks like someone stole the first guys neck.
    Read the first paragraph about one being a sex offender. Didn’t feel the need to read anymore. Karma has a way of finding people like this – GOOD.

    Tracey above mentioned Go Fund Me page – Can’t be serious. Who in their right mind would donate????

  7. Tim

    I hear of it all the time and it’s disgusting when people start a Go Fund Me page to support their bad habits or to bail them out of the results of their bad habits. How did this jerk ever afford to buy the Hellcat in the first place? I’m sure he didn’t pay cash so what idiot loan company gave him the money? Was it Chrysler’s in house finance company? Are they that hard up for business?

  8. TommyGunn

    There is more to this story. I watched the guys videos before they were scrubbed. He blew the engine and when he got it back from the dealership after delivery was delayed several days the new motor ran like shit and they said that they couldn’t figure it out. He was test driving the car to see what was going and that’s when it burst into flames at least that’s his side of the story.

    1. Nitromike66

      Sounds like he hurt the engine, couldn’t afford to fix it and torched it for the insurance money.

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