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Full Weight: A 1973 Dodge Polara That Isn’t A Cop Special…But Should Run Like One!

Full Weight: A 1973 Dodge Polara That Isn’t A Cop Special…But Should Run Like One!

It’s very strange to think that a car as…*ahem*…husky as a 1973 Dodge Polara would be anything more than demolition derby fodder to a BangShifter. Yank the good engine out, stuff any running engine in, and proceed to raise hell until the back bumper is pointing directly towards the sky, right? Well…I wouldn’t go that far. You see, the Polara and it’s corporate twin, the Plymouth Fury, have the reputation of being one of the most badass police units ever shipped to officers. The 440-powered cruisers held records until the 1990s for what a police car could do. Yeah, it was a two-ton tank, but let someone get silly out in the desert in their Corvette and a black-and-white aircraft carrier was soon on their ass and giving them a serious run for their money. The stories of cops eclipsing over 140 miles an hour in pursuits was no joke…a combination of a seriously stout 440 under the hood and plenty of gear meant that you were probably better off just pulling over. 

So no, this particular car ain’t a cop cruiser…two doors too few. But there is something about the overall shape of the big barge that still seems intimidating. The 440 might have taken a power hit, but it was still one to run. But it’s not even the big-block we are eyeing here. It’s the fact that this car is stupidly clean and simple. It’s had a couple of paint fixes and a new top put on, and it’s running air conditioning too, a dealer add-on system that should keep the small crowd you could haul around nice and cool. 

At least eighteen feet of big brown car is going to be a shock for most people, but surely someone can see the potential sitting here. It’s not going to rock your world like a Challenger with a 440, but you’ll have at least four more friends in the car with you for the fun you can have. Do you miss the days of the truly fullsize cars? This one is for you.

eBay Link: 1973 Dodge Polara Custom 

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3 thoughts on “Full Weight: A 1973 Dodge Polara That Isn’t A Cop Special…But Should Run Like One!

  1. HotRodPop

    Maybe 118K, I’d believe that just based on the steering components, but a sweet Sunday ride, none the less. Wonder what the reserve is? A grand or so more, and I’d be out.

  2. Bill Greenwood

    Doesn’t need much. A proper factory dual exhaust, with the standard exhaust tips that turn down just ahead of the bumper, for starters. Then find a b-body dual snorkle air cleaner housing that has the vacuum door on the bottom. That way, when you push all the way down on the long pedal, you won’t just get the proper Mopar exhaust bark, but everyone within a couple hundred yards will be able to hear that T-quad moaning like it’s trying to suck gophers right off the sidewalk.
    That is a sound combo that does not grow old. Ever.

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