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Go Green: 1977 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban Station Wagon

Go Green: 1977 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban Station Wagon

I’m normally not one to get argumentative with anyone. I’m happier to keep my mouth shut, keep my judgements to myself, and move on. But I swear, if one more mouth-breather approaches me regarding the benefits of Cash 4 Clunkers. The main reason seems to be that it’s best to get rid of older, more unsafe vehicles that are gross polluters. Are you kidding me? Sure, if the eyesore of a 1981 Buick that’s been rotting to the driveway for thirty years is too far gone for a YouTuber to save, it’s time to say goodbye. A useful old car, on the other hand, requires nothing to produce, has already amortized it’s value, and has more valuable content with it’s metal weight (among other, better reasons for owning an older car.)

Are there better vehicles than this 1977 Plymouth Sport Suburban wagon for fuel mileage, for aerodynamics, and for efficiency? Of course. But if I’m going green, I’m going seriously green: deep, dark green inside and out, with room to spare and looks that haven’t been seen since the late 1980s in any real form. It’s a unicorn, it’s a tank, and there’s a pretty good chance that it’s packing a big-block. Maybe.

For sure, if the choice is between this and a five-year-old fuel mileage queen…yeah, the wagon wins.

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7 thoughts on “Go Green: 1977 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban Station Wagon

  1. Paul Henderson

    I had to pick up my dates in high school with one of these cars. It’s cool now, but not then. These beasts are definitely a nostalgic time machine.

  2. drivindadsdodge

    simple upgrade for driveabilty … 360 magnum from a late 90’s early 2000’s pickup
    Fuel Injection and a Over Drive … 245 hp compared to
    77 specs if it made maybe 150 hp

    1. Ken

      Who cares it’s.far.more interesting and comfortable than whatever Chinese bs you’re spewing about so the crapamese.car beats it in the quarter it’s a wagon not a race car. Dumb comparo

  3. Daniel Ventura

    I had a 1969 Torino Squire 8 passenger wagon. When we all had to go somewhere guess whose car we took. Mine. Until my friend Kevin got his 1977 30 foot long Buick sedan. Nothing beats an old, good condition wagon.

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