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Like 1970s Pro Stockers? This 1976 Plymouth Arrow Could Be The Start Of Something Killer!

Like 1970s Pro Stockers? This 1976 Plymouth Arrow Could Be The Start Of Something Killer!

Once racers in Pro Stock realized that smaller cars could get favorable weight breaks over the cars with the larger engines, all sorts of micro machines started to appear in the ranks. Pintos, Mustang IIs, Vegas and the like started to make inroads. One of the more unique selections came by the way of Bob Glidden’s Plymouth Arrow. The Arrow, a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer, had enough of a racing pedigree courtesy of it’s wins in rally racing, but no drag racer really gives a hoot about playing in the dirt. Tubbed and crammed full of angry V8, the Arrow was good enough to give Glidden a championship. That was the race car…on the street, the Arrow was better considered a sports car for the gas crisis era. Sporting one of two inline-fours (either a 2.0L or 2.6L) and weighing in at just over a slice of bread (ok, at most maybe weighing in at nearly a ton) the Arrow was actually a sporting little thing in it’s own right.

Finding an Arrow that isn’t completely and utterly trashed is nearly an impossibility it seems, but a little bit of digging provides hope. This 1976 example certainly could use a bit of spit and polish, but with the 2.0L four, five speed, add-on air condition and excess parts on hand, we think that  it’d be a neat little toy to mess with. You could just clean it up and drive it, enjoying decent fuel economy. Or you could build up a 2.6L four and make it a neat little corner carver that’ll still get good MPG. Or you could go whole hog and start stomping whatever V8 you feel like into and proceed to scare the crap out of yourself. For $3,500, it’s a good start to a little car that deserves to have a second life.

Craigslist Link: 1976 Plymouth Arrow 200GS

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3 thoughts on “Like 1970s Pro Stockers? This 1976 Plymouth Arrow Could Be The Start Of Something Killer!

    1. Matt Cramer

      I think that engine is an early version of the 4G63. If so, you can swap it over to a later DOHC head and boost it to the moon while still having the original, numbers-matching block. (And the later block doesn’t fit the transmission in this car. Not sure why Mitsubishi had two separate bellhousing patterns on one motor.)

  1. Barry_R

    I had one of those for a little while. In the early 80s I stuck a ’68 340 with the then obligatory “purple cam” & 904 T-flite into a red & black 78 “Arrow Jet” and toured the streets of Detroit for a while before selling it to a guy that pretty much used it up. Amazingly clean and easy swap and a darn quick little bugger.


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