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Rough Start: Could You Get Down With A 1974 Dodge Shaggin’ Wagon?

Rough Start: Could You Get Down With A 1974 Dodge Shaggin’ Wagon?

Custom vans predate me by several years. I don’t even pretend to understand the appeal behind them except as a place to do illicit and immoral things to the sounds of rock music or (shudder) disco. The imagery is there: Econolines, Rally Vans and Tradesmans with exquisite murals, some of which featured absolutely beautiful artwork and some of which just had as many bare breasts as the airbrusher could tolerate shooting on, filled with shag carpeting that years later would be considered a biohazard by the Centers for Disease Control. Glass packs or side pipes, deep dish mags on white-letter tires, and the unnerving feeling that you should be creeped out when you got near one. Yeah, some of you older types can fill me in on the appeal of them.


But, if you are so inclined to have a shaggin’ wagon of your very own, why build one when you can buy a period piece that’s up for sale? This 1974 Dodge B-van is up for sale, and when the owner says that it turns heads, we don’t know if it’s because of the throwback appeal or the freak factor. A 360 and 727 move the van around, and inside there is enough orange shag carpeting to make you sick. You’d end up paying a carpet-cleaning service and entire month’s paycheck to clean that nightmare out! Outside, the van has a patina’d ’70s look, completed with very worn Cragars on BFG T/As and of course, the requisite porthole window.

van3Everything old is new again, and other than the cracking flares and the repaint it deserves, this Dodge is set and ready to go. At the writing time bid of $1,175, you just might have enough left over to pay for that carpet cleaning and an air freshener. Or you can leave it as-is and wonder why the city keeps sending you a notice about being parked so close to a school. Whatever floats your boat, man!

eBay Link: 1974 Dodge B-100 Den Of Sin

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17 thoughts on “Rough Start: Could You Get Down With A 1974 Dodge Shaggin’ Wagon?

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Wanking wagon more like!

    Rip out that faggot interior, paint it satin black, lose the flares, put in a subtle black camper system in the back and tune up the motor and suspension. Or simply pour gasoline over the whole thing and torch it – that’s a lot cheaper!


    I would drive this every god damn day…and I would have my friends ride along and would pick my kids up from school…they would jump out and grab them and toss them in….it would be glorious!

    1. Dabidoh Sambone

      Me too, it’s huge fun poking established norms of aesthetics in the eye. Also, one must have a massive sense of humor to rock this ride. Plus I’m a big fan of airbrushed breasts – and an even bigger fan of the Concours d’LeMons where this might ultimately go once it’s been freshened up.

  3. Beagle

    The port windows are directional. There was supposed to be a left and right. They ruined it, destroyed the balance. Even worse violation, no side pipes to burn all the honeys climbing over each other to get into your grabbin cabin.

    Wonder what the reserve is? I’d go 1145.00 and drive the wee out of it after yanking all the non-factory poo from the inside and sawzalling off the flares. I might even go 1150.00 and spend some money on clear coat if it had a dragon or a half naked latin lady on it. I seriously doubt I would cough up whatever the “reserve” is… I’d certainly have RESERVATIONS going over 1150. Haha.

    1. Beagle

      meh. Eyes playing tricks on me. It does have the windows pointing right, I just saw it backwards.

      It’s still over my limit now at 1175. The neighbors are rejoicing. Yay.

      1. Beagle

        Okay, okay, I’d go 1200.00 IF it had a half naked latin lady riding a dragon and wielding Excalibur!

  4. ColinV

    I would buy it if the price remained somewhat sane. Keep the flares fixed up no side pipes a visor, much more toned down lowrider geometric design instead of the mural, lowered just enough to get the vibe from the roadracing dodge van video on you-tube from Japan. That interior needs to be burned though.


    Wow, I was that van guy back in the day’s, Yes I AM OLD
    But I would never have done a van like this one, ouch!!!
    I Did my own custom vans in the 70’s and 80’s and I still drive
    GMC Savana AWD, Coversion done like they should
    My Wife and I travel with the Van and we love it !!!

  6. Dirwood

    Did it ever occur to anyone all the kiddy diddlers are online these days?? (Yes I am building one of these)

  7. tedly

    A paint job can wait until the shag carpeting is replaced. No amount of scrubbing would get that clean! Other than that it far out man!

  8. CharlesW

    I would drive it as is, cept add a over the top sound system and play the soundtrack to Dazed & Confused over and over and over and ….

  9. v12guy

    The guy that had this brand new was a “Stud!”
    The mid 70’s were a different time. Viet Nam had just finished up, the Oil embargo and gasoline shortages killed the muscle cars. There was not much TV to watch, and video games and cell phones had not even been thought of.
    So, how about grab some drinks(or smoke), a few friends (or just your girl) and go ‘Park” and leave the rest behind…….

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