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SEMA 2017 Coverage: ECS Automotive Concepts’ Four-Door 1970 Barracuda In The Flesh

SEMA 2017 Coverage: ECS Automotive Concepts’ Four-Door 1970 Barracuda In The Flesh

This is a car whose build I’ve genuinely followed for years. It’s a car that shouldn’t exist, a car that was a memory in the mind of a former Chrysler employee before being brought to life. It started out only as a roof skin, the A-pillar, the B-pillar, and some of the C-pillar to a Plymouth Satellite and from there, grew into a “what if?” concept that has polarized everyone who has been paying attention. There are many stories over the years from the 1960s and early 1970s about what the factories were messing with looks-wise and there isn’t much documentation to back up the claims more often than not, so to craft an entire car more or less from scratch…yeah, that is worth noting.

The Barracuda is restrained…it was built to be a 340, automatic car that would’ve represented the more typical dealership pool fare you’d find instead of, say, a 440 Six-Pack sedan. (Not that we would’v minded that, of course.) It’s also built as a pre-production, show finish car, like the kind you would’ve seen on the show circuit in 1969 before the actual introduction.

Whether you love or hate the idea and execution, you have to admit that the four-door Barracuda has been an ambitious undertaking that has involved a lot of research, craftsmanship, and attention to detail that most wouldn’t bother with. It smells new. It looks unspoiled. It is showroom fresh, down to the window sticker that was created for it.

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26 thoughts on “SEMA 2017 Coverage: ECS Automotive Concepts’ Four-Door 1970 Barracuda In The Flesh

  1. Loren

    Gorgeous craftsmanship, doing a weird useless thing. Chrysler would have never used that taxi-tall side glass with the short Barracuda windshield and backlight, putting that ugliness together then going so far as making up a fake window sticker, it’s like a self-parody for resto fanatics.

    Just an opinion, what you get when you put something out there to the public.


      Right? The tall side glass and short windshield kill the whole thing…not for me..but there are others that love it…I’ve heard….

      1. Redbeard

        Yup sounds like your just jealous. Jealous of some thimg you could never afford to build or own. Get a life and quit complaining about everything because it\’s better than what you have

        1. Loren

          Actually I’ve got better than that, can afford what I want and I have a life too. The Barracuda is presented as something Chrysler would have built but…bottom line, they wouldn’t have, not like this.

  2. Grippo

    I saw this at Carlisle last summer, good craftsmanship but I didn’t quite get it. I know, what if? Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.
    But I am anti 4 doors anyway…biased from the jump.

  3. 69rrboy

    Saw it at Carlisle. Very nicely done. Still not a fan of that look but oh well.

    He has a staggering amount of money in that project.

    1. Walter Joy

      Saw it at Carlisle too. If you walked by it fast enough you wouldn’t have known it was a 4 door

  4. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Well seeing you omitted to take a photo of the side view you can’t really tell what it looks like.


  5. Mopar or No Car

    There is a special ring in hell for the builder. What is the excuse for spending that much money to create an abomination?

  6. Jeff

    I hate the car and don\’t believe the BS story. And the owner/builder is a jackass of the highest order. I\’ll be glad once this cars 15min of fame are up.

    1. Jeff

      Why? Because anyone who mention that the car is simply not to their liking will be ripped a new one by the owner. Atleast on the internet. Nobody denies the build quality but a lot of people just think it\’s an ugly car. The owner just can\’t handle rejection I guess. And I think the story about it being built as a prototype is just made up to try and give the car some type of validation.

      1. David Walden

        Get your facts straight. I couldn\’t care less who likes or doesn\’t like the car. If anyone thinks it\’s \”ugly\”, that\’s fine. My only reason for \”ripping\” anyone was when they accused me of lying about the story. I simply conveyed and shared what I was told by those who claimed they saw it. If someone wants to think it\’s false or untrue, that\’s great……don\’t believe it. There\’s no reason to accuse me of lying because I shared information that was provided by an independent, third party source.

  7. aussie351

    Coming from the land of awesome four-door muscle cars (think XY GT, XA GT, HQ SS etc) I thought I’d love it.

    1. Daza

      Still better looking than any of the Mopar A bodies of that era.
      Nothing wrong with building a custom/coach built car, Putting a tribute factory build sheet on it?? I would say he is probably just taking the piss out of all the ultra correct restorations and/or the OCD Mopar guys when relating to originality (Think Grave Yard Cars)…..
      On saying that though at least it isn\’t a Mustang 4 door or a Corvette 5 seat Hatchback…..

  8. Dave Dusterberg

    I really don’t like bagging on the hard work put into anyone’s creation but as much work and effort that was put into this creation, it just misses the mark. And as others have pointed out, it all has to do with the greenhouse and how they decided to handle it. It incredibly awkward and really ruins the car which is a shame because so much time, talent, and money went into creating the car. I’m sure the owner is incredibly proud of his creation to the point he becomes upset when others criticize it but at the end of the day it is what it is. Props to everyone involved for the attempt, the result just isn’t very pleasing.

  9. 69rrboy

    Well Daza the guy who owns it sells very expensive reproduction parts for those who want there cars restored factory correct so I don’t think his aim was to insult his own customers.

    He simply saw a concept drawing he thought was awesome and eventually had enough money and coins to make his dream happen.

    “”Still better looking than any Abody of that era””??????? Think it’s time to make an appointment with the eye doctor!

  10. Bob

    The only thing this illustrates is the good sense of the original designers to only offer a two door version.

  11. Bob

    I don’t get the height of the side windows. Did he get a little crazy with the sawzall or draw the line in the wrong spot?

  12. Rhett

    I think the sideglass height is because they used Coronet passenger compartment structure. Given ho wChrysler actually did things back in the day it makes sense. And for everyone who pisses and moans about this car, let it go… It was a design exercise and a fairly interesting one at that. I can appreciate the craftmenship and creativity, but I’m not wild about the ultimate proportions either., But compare a Duster and a Valiant sedan and thats probably pretty close to what a 4 door Barracuda would have looked like.

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