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SEMA 2017 Poll: Cool Or Not Cool Utility Body C10 vs New Beetle

SEMA 2017 Poll: Cool Or Not Cool Utility Body C10 vs New Beetle

On the surface this is a no brainer for you fine BANGshifters out there. After all, the C10 Chevy pickup is an icon in the hot rodding and truck worlds, and this first generation is a pretty cool piece. The problem with it is the polarizing utility bed. Lately, the hard core hot rodder has been falling in love with lowered utility bed trucks. At first I personally thought they were weird, but then I started liking them. Apparently I’m not alone, but at the same time I’ve heard a lot of VERY spirited discussions where opinions vary wildly. What do you think?

On the other side of this Cool or Not pairing, a new Volkswagen Beetle. I’ll be honest, I walked up to this car last night and asked my buddies if it was in fact cool or not. I asked because something about it was actually making me kinda like it. We all agreed the red stripes were a strong personal preference item, but that otherwise this was a pretty cool Beetle…for a Beetle. But what do you think?

Let us know if each one is Cool or Not Cool, and which one you prefer. We’ll be interested to see just what you have to say about both of them.


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16 thoughts on “SEMA 2017 Poll: Cool Or Not Cool Utility Body C10 vs New Beetle

  1. Steve

    The C10 is ULTRA COOL! Looks awesome and you can actually use it!

    As for the Beetle, Not my thing but I guess I would let my girlfriend/wife/mistress drive it…

  2. Gary Smrtic

    Funny. I was thinking the exact opposite. The C10 is a useless pos, and the Beetle is a practical, decent looking driver you could have fun with and take absolutely anywhere.

  3. Just Gary

    Get rid of the Beetle’s stickers, then nose & deck it (remove the hood & trunk emblems) and it would be a cool & functional daily commuter.

  4. CPR

    C10 is ultimate shop truck and cool.
    Give the Beetle some ground clearance, mud flaps, and AT tires for a rally vibe and also cool.

  5. Loren

    A lesson I learned once as a passenger…do not show up at the hardware store at 8am (contractor hour) in a New Beetle. They’ll tear you to pieces.

    Yep it’s a girl’s car. You want that type of car and have some bucks, and wanna keep your man card…get a used Porsche then.

    As for the truck, I like the deal where people take an item that has been zip-worthless for years and make it cool. For me however, that one would need some actual truck suspension/wheels under it but each to his own.

    I’ll take neither, instead split it down the middle and get an El Camino/Ranchero to do either the ratty thing or the sporty thing to. And go to the hardware store…

  6. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    SEMA should have a blown Hemi powered crusher on site so complete piles of shit like these two could be inhumanely killed with their creators chained to the steering wheels……

  7. bob

    I like the unusual. People doing stuff with vehicles that nobody would ever give a second look or chance of saving it from the crusher is way cool. Old beetles are cool, new ones are not. And, how hideous is that Ram sitting next to the C10?

  8. Will

    As a dude who uses a service truck daily i on ine hand dig the c 10.but also full well know that unless its a dude who never leaves town and carries nothing in it its a useless show car. Service beds are for using and they get dinged and scratched and have welders and a torch in them.
    Greasy hands and other things also needs a crane.
    But nice nod to those of us that use em.
    The beetle? It’s cute girls will love it

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