Sleeper Video: Watch A 720hp GT-R and 650hp ZR-1 Get Taken On By A Cobalt SS

Sleeper Video: Watch A 720hp GT-R and 650hp ZR-1 Get Taken On By A Cobalt SS

The Chevrolet Cobalt SS is what the Shelby GLHS was in the 1980s: an extremely capable and extremely underrated front-driver that, in the right hands, will serve embarrassment up on a silver platter to whoever discounts their performance. The SS came in two versions: a 205hp supercharged model and a 260hp turbo version, but both were based on the 2.0L EcoTec four-cylinder, so it’s not difficult to bring any version up to snuff.

But placing this turbocharged Cobalt SS next to a Nissan GT-R does come off a little bit as a “knife at a gunfight” situation. The owner claims that he’s got 720 at the wheels, which should be good, right? Nope. Taking off at a roll, the Cobalt opens a huge lead out on the Nissan, which makes us question that horsepower number…seems like a slight overestimation. One down, one to go. Next up is a 650hp C6 ZR-1, and unlike the GT-R’s owner, he knows exactly what he has. Sure, the Cobalt has drag radials and some work under the hood, but a ZR-1 isn’t a joke. Who will win at the end? Take a look and find out…

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7 thoughts on “Sleeper Video: Watch A 720hp GT-R and 650hp ZR-1 Get Taken On By A Cobalt SS

  1. m

    Oh, how I miss my yellow balt. Although mine was a slow 2.2L LS model, the manual trans made it fun to drive. Always wanted the turbo, but wife wanted an automatic.

  2. ColoradoKid

    Yeah right ! Like this one wasn\’t staged and scripted from the get go in order to garner a few YouTube views .

    All those believing ANY Cobalt SS is capable of taking on either the GT-R or the ZR-1 … please raise your hands .

    All those who raised your hands … please hand in your GearHead membership at the door and proceed to the room labeled Tricycles for the Delusional GM True Believers and the Inane

    FYI McTaggert ! Trying to compare the pos Cobalt SS in any way shape or form to the bat**** crazy insane Shelby GLH … is ludicrous at best … and at its worst … deserving of having your GearHead/BangShift membership suspended … permanently 😉

    Next up in featured YouTube videos . A TESLA S takes on the Koenigsegg 1:One at the ring … with Elon Musk at the wheel of the S …. and wins …

    Get a grip folks . Overall YouTube is about as reliable as the words spewing out of any Tea Party members mouth … e.g. … utter bul**** .. with intent to deceive

    Seriously . Ole PT Barnum would be eating this stuff up left and right … not to mention no doubt doing it a whole lot better

    1. Dabidoh Sambone

      Bertel Schmitt, the former editor and iron-fisted autocrat of TheTruthAboutCars would summarily delete inflammatory remarks and lock the commenter’s accounts.
      Man I miss that guy …

  3. Scott Inman

    Colorado kid. First off I would like to say I have dealt with people like you before. Please understand this is an automotive website for gear heads and not for political bashin. I am sure you are in to cars as the rest of us but being derogatory to someone based on group thought is never a good idea for anyone. Please refrain from the politics and focus on what this site is about.

  4. Dan-O

    I think its clear that CK is a sad little man trying to compensate for something he is lacking. It’s the only way he can ‘prove’ himself a man.

    Going forward, I think that it is best to ignore this Idiot-Asshat. Me thinks he does it just to see who he can piss off.

    Never argue with Stupid. It’s just not worth the trouble. All it does is bring you down to his level. His level being equal to a 12 year old.


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