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2013’s Best Super Bowl Commercial: Paul Harvey And Ram Trucks.

2013’s Best Super Bowl Commercial: Paul Harvey And Ram Trucks.

We thought that the Ram Truck Commercial that aired during the 2013 Super Bowl was the best one of the bunch. There were plenty of other good ones, including the Audi that the kid took to the prom, but for our money the Ram Truck commercial hit a home run. Here is what we wrote about it last year.

February 5th, 2013

I actually started out writing this blog item as a rant, bitching and moaning about all the whining bastards who are writing negative things about the Ram Truck ad during the Super Bowl. And then I stopped. I decided that I’ll run that blog item, but it’s going to be separate. Because after watching the commercial, and listening to Paul Harvey’s voice, for what has to be at least the 10th time since Sunday, I realized just how special the words and images are. So this is going to be about them. Then you can read about all the idiots and my opinions on them in the next blog item. HERE IS THE LINK TO MY RANTING BLOG ITEM ABOUT THE WHINERS

Major kudos to the marketing crew at Ram Trucks. This was a genius marketing plan. Take one of Radio’s most iconic speakers and use his expertly written and spoken words to inspire people all while showing them images of the heartland of America. Images that were taken by some of the top photographers in the country. And sprinkle in some well placed images with trucks in them, and hope people recognize it. Even if they don’t, it’s okay, because we’ll remind them at the end who’s trucks they were seeing. Pure genius.

And let’s be honest, the commercial could just as easily been for Chevy, GMC, or Ford and we would all have loved it the same. But Chrysler’s Ram Trucks brand has done it again. You may remember their Made In Detroit commercials they’ve been running for the past year or so. And how about last year’s Super Bowl hit, Clint Eastwood’s “It’s Halftime in America”, which we’ve also included below. I have to give it to this ad team. They are not only creating a great message for their brand, and doing what they are ultimately responsible for by selling cars and trucks, but they are also building some pride in American brands.

I know it’s an easy thing to stand up and pound our chests and say “Buy American”, but it’s not easy to do it. It’s not easy because as a society we’ve become lazy and compliant, and for the most part less and less people born in this country during the past 40 years, are willing to actually do a hard days work. So we don’t value work, or the work that goes into making things. We just buy them. And want to keep up with the Jones’. You know what keeping up with the Jones’ means to a farmer? It means that Farmer Smith is trying to keep up or beat Farmer Jones at plowing his field. It means doing as much work in a day as his neighbor. It doesn’t mean getting a new Honda Accord for his daughter and watching her run out surprised saying how “cute” it is just because some other girl in school got one.

And whether you like it or not, I believe that every farm in this country should be tilled, plowed, cut, harvested, and tended, by trucks and tractors with brand names like Case IH, Ford, Massey Feguson,  Chevrolet, John Deer, and  Ram. I think you should need to know how to change a tire, dig a ditch, wield an axe, and poor piss out of a boot, in order to graduate high school. And I think you should have the decency, as a human, to be proud of your country and support it. Famers, as portrayed in this Ram commercial, are those dudes. They work hard. I HOPE the commercial makes people buy more American trucks, Ram or otherwise. I WISH the commercial could make some of our population less entitled, and more productive.

Below is the commercial for you to enjoy. It’s awesome. Watch for my rant on all the negative attention surround this ad in a separate blog item shortly.

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15 thoughts on “2013’s Best Super Bowl Commercial: Paul Harvey And Ram Trucks.

  1. Scott Liggett

    I agree that this was the best commercial of the game. Paul Harvey’s words were amazing. Farmer kids are the only ones in this country that have any kind of work ethic these days and I have great respect for these families.

  2. LXbuilder

    I loved the ad, but must agree that many won’t get it at all. It’s sad just how far North Americans (us Canucks are just as bad as U.S.) have regressed.

    On a side note: Have you noticed how many on the internet are referring to the Dodge farmer ad rather than Ram? Didn’t like the change of branding three years ago and I still think it was a dumb move.

  3. Midwest Mike

    Flat out awesome! I grew up 2 blocks from the Case tractor plant on Lake Michigan, and now am honored to work for that same company. This Chevy boy may need to buy a Ram Truck or a Dodge/Chrysler Car. Would a Fiat 500 Abarth count?

  4. TheSilverBuick

    Pretty good ad group for creating patriotism ads for sure. Remember the Charger commercial with George Washington? Not the down to earth real message as this commercial, but definitely kicked ass.

  5. MadMatt

    I actually teared up during that commercial. My grandpa was a farmer and listened to Paul Harvey every freakin day.

  6. Chassisman

    I think the reason this commercial stirkes so close to mine and CHAD’S heart is because we are both Aggie kids….we even found out we had a mutual friend years ago that sold livestock to Chad and myself. I’m a proud former FFA member…State Farmer Award along with a National Leadership Award….If you haven’t done some of the things mentioned in that video…you cannot grasp how emotional and moving it truley is….I know Chads passion for it…because the bond of being an Ag Kid is a bond never broken

  7. 75Duster

    I agree with you Chad,society has gone to shit with all this new technology.
    Farm kids still have my respect because they have outstanding work ethic,and know how to make shit work.
    Unfortunately,most of today’s kids are more worried about texts,tweets,and social media bullshit and can’t communicate for shit and can’t handle the real world,I saw this first hand when I was still in the US Navy before my retirement.And we wonder why we have these mass shootings.

  8. Jim O

    I love it. I grew up on a farm. And, when I was in high school, I didn’t want anything to do with the farm. I could not wait to get out of the remote, rural county I grew up in. Now, I’m 40, and I spend not all but a lot of my days staring at a computer screen. The older I get, the more I dream of sitting on Dad’s old JD 2640 baling hay. However, I am very proud to be an engineer at a very successful American company, ran to very high moral standards, that makes yellow construction equipment (you can probably guess which company). I owe a lot of my success and skill (I’m not too horrible a heavy equipment mechanic) to my dad and my time on the farm when I was a kid. Dad died about two months ago. The two things that touched me the most about the funeral and burial were the honor guard saluting when we pulled up to the burial site (he was a WWII Navy vet) and everyone’s comments about how good a farmer he was. So, this ad brought the tears.

  9. Nova_Dave

    This read, as well as your rant wee excellent! Ram trucks sure made an impact with this one. I think they wanted to say a little more than “buy our trucks”. It’s about time we put some focus on the American farmer and rancher. I proudly wear my “NO FARMS NO FOOD” sticker on my truck (although it’s a Chevy).

  10. bobwop

    just last night we were talking about the 30 and under crowd. They can’t cook, can’t do math in their heads, can’t read a map, have no sense of direction, can’t grow a garden and very few know a good days work and have dirt beneath their nails. How will they survive when things get REALLY tough? Even some of the youth on today’s farms are far removed responsibility and toil that their parents embraced. We have coddled and coddled for the last two generations. Now it is all about entitlements. In another thirty years it will be interesting to watch an ad abotu Ram trucks. The story won’t be the same.

    1. greg miller

      Kids nowadays(I sound like my dad) without electricity cant do anything because they cant work with there hands or their brains–thats what computers are for.

  11. 440 6Pac

    I was raised on a farm, raised my family on a farm, and still live on a farm. The Paul Harvey Ram Truck commercial is the best I’ve ever seen.

  12. threedoor

    Man made me want to be a farmer so the taxpayers can pay my property tax, crop insurance, and buy me a new pickup!

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