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Cool Old Press Photos: 1957 Buick Century

Cool Old Press Photos: 1957 Buick Century

When we hear the words Buick Century we think, 84 year-old woman. They weren’t always Q-tip cars, though. In fact, the Century was a pretty hot number back in the day and it was drop-dead gorgeous, to boot.

The 1957 Chevys get all the love but it’s tough to argue that this car is any less cool looking, and it may even maybe a little more so. The roofline is low slung and the diving chrome spear along its side plays further into the illusion, pulling your eye away from the roof and making the car appear even lower than it really is.

Special note: Portholes on this car are NOT a violation.

We’re not sure what the guy with the spear gun and diving apparel is saying to the chick in the left side of the photo, but she seems to be diggin’ it. The blonde in the driver seat seams ready to beat feet so we may have a Thelma and Louise situation happening here.

Hopefully not, this thing is way to neat to be driven into the Grand Canyon.    

1957 Buick Century press photo

1957 Buick Century press release

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