Another Weird But Rare Mopar For Sale: This 1977 Dodge Aspen RT 4-Speed T-Top Car Is Something Else

Another Weird But Rare Mopar For Sale: This 1977 Dodge Aspen RT 4-Speed T-Top Car Is Something Else

I’m not the resident Mopar nut around here, we reserve that title for McTaggart, but this 1977 Dodge Aspen R/T Super Pak T-Top car is pretty rad. I know the 318 doesn’t make a ton of power, but this sucker came from the factory with a 4 barrel carb and a 4-speed manual transmission. This was a rarity in 1977 so kudos to Mopar for the effort. And now that retro late 1970’s stuff is cool again, the graphics and T-tops on this bad boy make it kind of rad. If it were mine I think some wide slot mags would make it cooler still. Tell us what you think after you read all about it and check out the original ad.


This is a 1977 Dodge Aspen R/T Super Pak T-Top car. It is a highly optioned car with electric windows, bucket seats, the super pak package, including front spoiler, rear deck spoiler, side window louvers and the orange racing stripe, and more. This car has a 1969 high compression 318 V8 with a moderate cam paired to the legendary A833 4 speed manual transmission with a pistol grip shifter. It leaks a little oil and rattles over bumps, but this beast just drove 3500 miles cross country (California to New York) without a single issue.
It has a ton of new parts including:
* Starter
* Clutch, pressure plate, pilot bushing
* Clutch linkage completely rebuilt with new seals and bushings (Z-bar)
* New front brakes: Rotors, calipers, pads and wheel bearings
* Rear Brakes: New shoes, springs and all hardware replaced, and new axle seals on both sides
* New copper brake line bent with stainless braiding
* Starter harness replaced with a nice original harness from an ’89 Chrysler Fifth Avenue
* New oil change, transmission change and fresh differential fluid
* Comes with tons of good parts, including rare best-flowing “302” 318 heads, original mopar dual snorkel air intake, new gaskets for timing cover, valve cover and intake manifold, spare T-Top for passenger side (A very nice set of 1980 Aspen T-Tops are currently installed), and more…

The car has awesome removable T-Tops and a spare passenger side top. The car was repainted in the past 15 years and still looks great. There is no rust on the body panels, however it does need a new floor on the rear passenger side. The car also has a bunch more work and thousands of dollars in receipts. Feel free to shoot me an offer if interested.

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3 thoughts on “Another Weird But Rare Mopar For Sale: This 1977 Dodge Aspen RT 4-Speed T-Top Car Is Something Else

  1. Loren

    I think in 1977 if you’d asked a 25-year-old Dodge salesman what kind of car he really wanted, he’d look over his lot and say “A Pontiac Trans Am”…this version of their family hauler was a somewhat laudable effort by Chrysler to do something about that and gave a glimmer of hope for a little while at-least that they might pay some attention to enthusiasts again. Nice to see one still around, the stick-shift and wheel/tire combination does a lot for it.

  2. Cowtown Canuck

    I have this exact same car, 77, t-tops, same 1/4 window louvres. original 360. sad to say though, been parked for way too many years now. the climate here in Alberta wasnt very good to it .


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