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Rough Start: 1978 Ford Pinto V8 – Just A Fun Little Riot Of A Car

Rough Start: 1978 Ford Pinto V8 – Just A Fun Little Riot Of A Car

Ford vehicles from the 1970s take a bit of a bad rap. The big cars were barges, the little cars were deathtraps, the Mustang was an aberration, the mid-sizers had all the fun of a bowl of Shredded Wheat…the one big brick, not the fun frosted type. Unless you were in the market for a good truck or a van, Ford’s offerings weren’t quite there somehow. Even by the standards of the day, there were issues. It’s fairly easy to say that it was simply a command decision…Lee Iacocca and Henry Ford II were no longer as cordial as they had been during the mid-1960s, and Hank the Deuce was still the final say in what went on whenever or wherever the Ford name was placed. The Pinto, Ford’s small-car offering, had it’s issues, but in it’s defense it was fairly popular and served the company well in it’s nine-year production run.

A V8 Pinto always sounds like a fun prospect. Small, short, light on it’s feet and capable of swallowing up the small-block Ford, a swapped Pinto is a no-brainer for a fun car to mess around with. It might not be a Gapp and Roush car, but a 302 in Ford’s little rear-wheel-drive hatchback is an enticing proposition. And for $3,500, how can you go wrong? Enjoy it for what it is: a smoke machine with a checkered name attached to it. If you can’t have fun in a V8 Pinto, we don’t know how to help you.

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5 thoughts on “Rough Start: 1978 Ford Pinto V8 – Just A Fun Little Riot Of A Car

  1. Gary

    Awesome. I’d find an earlier Pinto nose for it, move the battery to the back, and drive the wheels off it!

      1. Danno

        Really? 1970 Boss 302, Boss 429 and 428CJ Mach 1 Mustangs were “aberrations”? Those are some of the most coveted Mustangs ever produced!

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