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Best of 2020: 2003 Dodge Caravan Dump Truck. Yeah, That’s No Typo.

Best of 2020: 2003 Dodge Caravan Dump Truck. Yeah, That’s No Typo.

My official stance on trucks: If you need something sincerely heavy-duty, the kind of rig to tow cars home with, to tote a 5th-wheel or gooseneck camper with, the kind of machine you’ll haul a whole load of river rock in the bed of, then by all means, get a truck. If you just haul a few oversize objects around or need the occasional light-duty tow setup, like to haul a garden tractor on a small trailer with, a ute would be just fine, and for everything else, a station wagon will do. Can’t tell that I’m not a fan of the four-door family pickup with the leather, the wood trim and the earth-shaking audio system, can you? I’m not. I grew up where a truck had utility, a purpose, one that was more than just existing. It’s why I like utes so much…I can write off the heavy use by justifying it’s car background most any other day of the week. But what if I want a little bit more?

Wait, wait, WAIT. What in the hell is this?!? Okay, which one of you funny mothers decided to go all-in on the weird meter? It’s…ok, actually, you know what? I’m good with this. It’s a 2003 Dodge Caravan up front, a box with a dump ram on the back, and it’s functional. I wish I could explain why, but that’s not in the listing. Neither is the engine…hopefully the 3.8L V6 is underhood, otherwise we suspect that with any kind of load this van might be a bit weighed down by it’s new tasking in life. It’s set up well, down to the mudflaps for the rear tires, and honestly, we’re wondering what kind of MPG it’s pulling, both empty and full. And being Caravan based, we suspect that it has to be fairly comfortable inside…that’s the one redeeming quality about a minivan that we usually find.

You know what…this gets a pass. Creative, useful, though nowhere near my first choice.

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4 thoughts on “Best of 2020: 2003 Dodge Caravan Dump Truck. Yeah, That’s No Typo.

  1. C.M. Bendig

    I can say this, for years I used to pluck out the rear axles on caravans before crushing them. A number of utility trailers around this area are using a caravan axle with caravan leaf springs. The rear axle should take the weight, even if you got crazy and got a ton in the box.

    At the price of $1500 it could be useful. Used engines are about $400-$600, transaxle about $300 (ohio) so it’s not expensive to replace the driveline.

    Im surprised Chrysler never made a cutaway version, or a pick up version.

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