Rough Start: A Ford Escort GT That Has Seen The Good Side Of A Subaru Fan

Rough Start: A Ford Escort GT That Has Seen The Good Side Of A Subaru Fan

I’ve always been prideful about being able to find a reason for just about every car to exist. Some are purposeful, some are fun, some exist purely to terrify lesser drivers, and some…well, the occasional appliance vehicle is always needed. Some cars seem beyond hope for any kind of fun, regardless of what the manufacturer does to try to tart one up. Case in point: 1992 Ford Escort GT. Looks pretty good, but a small four-banger, front drive and no real mods that can be done to crank up the power relegate it to commuter status, right? Well…that’s what I always thought. Look at other two-door four-banger cars that can be hopped up into something respectable, and the Escort usually comes up radically short. But this one I found while dredging the Seattle-area Craigslist caught my eye initially for the flares and that hoodscoop. I know that look well…Subaru.

And I’m not wrong in guessing that at all. The 1.8L four has been treated to a turbocharger system raided from a Mazda GTX and hiding underneath that bumper cap is a Perrin intercooler. Add in the 2.5″ exhaust, Corbeau driver’s seat, WRX hoodscoop, screwed-on flares and suddenly, we are beyond tarted-up Detroit throwaway FWD coupe and starting to tread into the same kind of territory that is usually explored after the words, “Why not?” get uttered. Will this thing be a street terror? Probably not, but the overall feel does seem to beg for a round of autocrossing, followed by some front-drive smokeshows. It’s a bit of a grab bag, but there is just something about this little freak that is making a case for itself. If nothing else, you have a commuter that occasionally can have some fun. And you can always put it on the bottle if you’re really sick. You’ll even have a backup motor with the deal, in case you get too enthusiastic!

Craigslist Link: 1992 Ford Escort GT

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5 thoughts on “Rough Start: A Ford Escort GT That Has Seen The Good Side Of A Subaru Fan

  1. Whelk

    Reeks of desperation.
    Perhaps my perspective is colored over having driven an 81 Escort that a friends folks owned when I was in high school. Press the accelerator, wait for the hamster to think about running the wheel.

  2. 383 Duster

    Escort GT starting in 91 used the same 1.8 that was used in the Miata starting in 94…easy to make 250 plus HP..useless information I know…

  3. Brash

    We got these in Australia, 1.8 turbo and all wheel drive. Effectively a rebodied Mazda Familia, a car that made all paw rally cars cool years before Subaru did

  4. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Come on – in the UK people would kill for the chance to buy this little gem and it doesn’t have even the slightest whiff of an LS in it!

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