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Rough Start: A Neat Little Toyota Truck Hiding A Secret Under That Hood!

Rough Start: A Neat Little Toyota Truck Hiding A Secret Under That Hood!

Surely you can have some fun for five grand with a bit of Craigslist hunting, right? Of course you can! You might not get the LS6 Chevelle of your dreams, but you can get something that you can drive anywhere, everytime, and have a ball with without feeling the least bit guilty about it. And it’s that last point that sells today’s cheap-car find. Toyota trucks have solid reputations…they last, they work, and they hold up well. All very commendable things when you are shopping around for a pickup truck. And if it’s one of the four-wheel-drive models, they have good homes. But what about the small two-wheel-drive variations? They do fine too, in a mini-truck sort of way. Peppy four banger, manual trans and a bed does make for a nice spare vehicle, right?

If you didn’t see this coming, shame on you. Underneath the green paint and the mags lies a 350/TH350 swap. Yeah, it’s a bellybutton motor, but in a Toyota truck, it’s a healthy step up and will make the shop truck experience just that much more fun! So will the spool-equipped Ford 8.8 out back. Bet this little monster is nothing short of a riot at a dead launch…what do you think?

$3,500 scoops it up. What you do with your leftover money is up to you. We didn’t say nitrous…but now that you mention it, it’s not a bad idea.

Craigslist Link: 1987 Toyota HiLux 4×2

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4 thoughts on “Rough Start: A Neat Little Toyota Truck Hiding A Secret Under That Hood!

  1. jerry z

    I had my share of Toyota pickups, from a 1975 up to a 1984. Unfortunately my knees don’t like being in those cramp quarters anymore! If it was a extended cab then maybe.

  2. geo815

    Narrow the rear, nuke the engine bay, strip the clearance-bin paint, and get rid of the bubble hood, for starters.

  3. HotRodPop

    Bubble hood is OK, though it doesn’t look like it’s a hood clearance issue, hard to tell… the paint? “All the better to fool you with, my dear!” Especially with the nitrous!

  4. Henrik

    And make sure this thing dont see a rain shower, cause it will rust away faster than it will go on nitrous. Here in Europe they where plentyfull at one point. Now they are all rustet out and gone. Same thing with mazdas and Isuzu and the rest of the little trucks. And the space in the cap makes me Think i want a normal size truck, because i cant sit comfortably in a regular cap even though im avarage height.

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