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Rough Start: Big Green Chrysler From the Big Green North

Rough Start: Big Green Chrysler From the Big Green North

I decided to cross the border into Canada this time. Welcome to Nanaimo, British Columbia. I know two things about this place: 1) there is an absolutely bad-ass dirt bike track near here, and 2) this is the home of the Nanaimo Bar, a dessert that will make your vision blur, it’s so damn good. Another thing I know is that Canada as a whole is hiding quite a bit of decent American iron up there.

I’d been hunting around Alaska before coming here. Alaska has vehicles, but anything I’d post here would break the budget, and nobody wants a mid-’70s Dodge motorhome for anything but the engine. Right off the bat on the Nanaimo page, this sweetheart of a 1969 Chrysler Newport leapt out.


Newport was the cheap New Yorker. Plenty of steel, plenty of space, good motor combinations, but none of the extra frills that made the New Yorker the top of the line. Look past the green¬†everything for a second: You’re looking at a decently clean Chrysler! Yes, there is some damage toward the back window, but overall, I’ve seen worse in the Southwest. The interior is mint, and just needs a detailing. The A/C functions and the 383ci big block is present and accounted for, in good shape. And since it’s old enough, there isn’t going to be a fight at the border to bring it home.


Considering that you could recoup your money just from selling the motor, trim and the body for the steel alone, this one would be a good score. But a car this large as a bagged-out cruiser would be great. I’d get the body painted a darker, deeper shade of green after fixing the issues, and would be looking for a wheel/tire upgrade…this is a car that makes 18’s look tiny. Just make sure you drive it across the border…I think this thing is too big for the ferry to Seattle.

You can see more pictures of the Newport on the Craigslist ad here.

Is this Chrysler a steal, or would you just cash out the steel? Be sure to give me suggestions on where to look next!


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7 thoughts on “Rough Start: Big Green Chrysler From the Big Green North

  1. 440 6pac

    I’m almost convened that Chrysler paid a higher commission on green cars in the late 60s and the 70s. there sure were a whole heap of them sold.
    This has the potential of making a great cruiser. Maybe even a heck of a sleeper.

  2. ratpatrol66

    The moto cross track you speak of is called The Wastelands and it is awesome. Didn’t have a Nanaimo bar when I was there just beer, lots of beer!
    That is one nice looking Mopar and green. Always liked the big green cars.

  3. Don

    This would make a perfect cruiser. What it needs overdrive, some mild parts for the 383, different tires and wheels. One final change would be the grill. One of these big Dodges had a front grill with hidden headlights and I would find a way to put that on this car.

  4. Dan

    I live a mile from the Wastelands! Get to hear the buzz saws from the deck.
    Looked at the ‘major metal’ on craig’s.
    Anybody want to fly in and drive the barge home give us a shout. I’ll pick you up at the airport!

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