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These Slow-Motion Crash Tests Will Have You Cringing In Real Time

These Slow-Motion Crash Tests Will Have You Cringing In Real Time

Crash-testing a vehicle is the perfect real-world method of seeing how a car will stand up to a variety of impacts. Whether it be head-on, an offset crash, a side-impact crash or a rear impact, various safety groups around the world test vehicles to destruction to verify that they are safe enough to be out upon the roads. But, there are the ones that simply scare the testers with how bad they actually are. And this YouTube video, uploaded by user RP01ful, shows these horrific scenes in brilliant slow motion. The variety of cars ranges from Chinese sedans to European classics, from an Australian classic to an American staple, and the crashes rate from “cringe-worthy” to “Holy…!” You’ll be amazed at what has been allowed on the streets.

Hit play and enjoy the carnage! 

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 2.52.53 PM

(Thanks to Bret Kepner for the tip!)

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14 thoughts on “These Slow-Motion Crash Tests Will Have You Cringing In Real Time

  1. John T

    to be fair, that isn’t really a Commodore, its the Opel that the Commy was stolen from – that said, I find it hard to believe a commy’s any better in a crash. I was a toolmaker at holdens for 7 years and worked on the dies when the VB ( first commy) came out. We were all a bit appalled at how thin the tinfoil they were made out of was…

  2. 38P

    Image what a typical T Bucket or fiberglass street rod would look like after that test . . . .

  3. Pizzandoughnuts

    Man that F-150 crash was crazy, looked like a train wreck. So long, A-pillar and roof.

    1. 38P

      The F-series test was at least fifteen years old and apparently dates back to when IIHS offset (overlap) testing was first coming into vogue. Most mid-’90s vehicles scored poorly on the IIHS offset test in its initial rounds.

      By 2004, the F-series had improved to the highest rating of “Good” on the overlap test, and is now one of the “crashworthiest” light trucks on the road.

  4. JohnnyG

    Well I was considering buying myself a nice “Jiagling LandWind” but I think this video talked me out of it

  5. Coty

    What a terrible video. Besides the guy who made it being plain illiterate, the video of the bus is bullshit. It’s from a test of the facility, where the vehicle was filled way beyond its limits and slammed into the wall at a higher speed than the norm. As I said, this was to test the wall, not the vehicle. Did you notice how they all have dummies (the plastic kind, not the guy who put the video together) except that clip? Stupid video.

  6. Ian

    The VW Bus was a test of the barrier, there was something like 2000lbs in the bed. IIrc the Commodore was a similar test of the barrier, not the car.

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