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Screw Your Prius and Buy This Impala! This Is How You Sell Your Car on Craigslist!

Screw Your Prius and Buy This Impala! This Is How You Sell Your Car on Craigslist!

In order to sell your car on Craigslist successfully, you need to do a few things: you need to have great pictures of the car in order to capture the attention of those of us with A.D.D., you need to have a good price that will be reasonable to both you as the buyer and the seller, and you need to have a clear title. Nobody buys a car off of Craigslist without a clear title, that’s just a bad decision.

Or, you can be like this guy, and appeal to your bald-eagle-and-shotgun ‘Murican side with a little self-depreciating comedy and hope for the best.




This 1966 Impala wagon looks like a good start for someone’s project, though the “school bus meets demon-child’s diaper” yellow color is a bit much. The basic 350 is in the engine bay with the basic AutoZone chrome kit, and the interior is there…mostly. You get a trailer hitch that might be good enough to tow your buddies behind you on snowy days with, and you even get a Rat Fink on the tailgate! He even put up a picture of the “P-Wagon” from Kill Bill as inspiration…though, that should be after you finish cleaning this Impala up. We’re not too sure you wanna see the kinds of …well, y’know…that this thing attracts now.


Here’s the actual wording of the Craigslist ad, which can be seen here.

Screw your Prius! This is Amaricana! Elvis got to first base in one of these. Evil Kenevel jumped Snake River Canyon in a white wagon w/ red and blue stripes. Steve McQueen was chased by a ’68 Charger on the streets of S/F in one, British racing green with five spokes with always be synonymous w/ ’66 wagons. Even Johnny Cash took his last ride to be layed beside his true love, June Carter, in a black one. Cheap, baby poop yellow rolling on homely 14″ S10 wheels. More embarrassing than that summer at band camp. Enough room to de-populate Mexico with a couple of trips across the border or make it a rolling meth lab. Typical rust spots for the car. Interior is ugh. Great running 350 ci w/ performer RPM, el cheapo headers, New radiator, 350 turbo, 10 bolt, decent tires. Text 423 two9seven 0eightfive0. Sale or trade for something unique. Let me know what you got,guns, bike, car, boat, truck, or your first born.

Nothing says classic Americana like a yellow station wagon! Right? What say you?


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3 thoughts on “Screw Your Prius and Buy This Impala! This Is How You Sell Your Car on Craigslist!

  1. Tom Slater

    I’d rock it with the (sigh) obvious LS swap. Maybe a 12 bolt.
    It’d have to get painted though. In that color yellow, you can take $500 off of anything.

  2. bruce

    it’s kinda got the farm truck thing going for it… be a good sleeper or a rolling target

  3. geo815

    That ride deserves better than an LS. 572 w/ M22 tranny, straight-piped back to the bumper w/ 4.56 12-bolt. Too bad it’s a ’66 and not a ’65.

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