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Rough Start: This Dart Is A “Special” Delivery

Rough Start: This Dart Is A “Special” Delivery

I spent last night hanging out with Anthony, a friend of mine from the Diplomat site. As we were eating dinner and discussing the various A-body Mopars he wants to buy and build up, he suddenly stops all motion for a second, stifles a laugh and starts flipping though his phone for something…y’know, the silent way of saying, “You gotta see this!” This is what he showed me.


I like Darts and Dusters…kinda-sorta. The 340 and 360 cars are cool, Demons are cool just because they piss off certain elements of society. But generally, I’m not a fan of them. This poor Dart apparently had irreparable rust in the rear window, or something just as bad, because at some point in it’s life it got transformed into a sedan delivery of sorts. The front bumper is cringeworthy, I have absolutely no idea what the back half of the car is even made out of (El Camino truck cap maybe?) and the tail section just hurts to look at. Ignoring that, if you can, the rest of the car seems to be solid enough. There’s no interior shots, and I get the feeling that’s a good thing. The drivetrain is the solid Slant Six and A904 automatic, so there’s one thing going for it, and the blue is nice…right?

Alright, I’m reaching…short of going full-on Street Freak with this thing, blower out of the hood and jacked up in the back, I’d run like hell. If I’m stuck with it, the original front bumper is going on it, I’m doing something with the back end (stock taillights in a rollpan would be alright), the car is going one color and I’m going to make a phantom 340 sedan delivery. My wife might have me committed, and I can’t say I blame her. With $2500 spent on the car, and $2500 left over, I wish you luck.

You can see the Dart’s Craigslist ad here.

Does this Dart deliver the goods for you? Where should I dig up the next diamond in the rough?


(Thanks…I think…to Anthony Mahone for the tip!)

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9 thoughts on “Rough Start: This Dart Is A “Special” Delivery

  1. Nick D.

    This is one big tall glass of nope. Not even a great drivetrain donor as Slant Sixes and A904s are still relatively common.

  2. GuitarSlinger

    On one hand I kind of want to like this . Loving all things ‘ Shooting Brake ‘ as I do . But on the other . I absolutely despise it . A potentially good idea gone very very wrong in every way , shape and form . A ” Tall glass of Nope ” as Nick put it sums the car up perfectly

    It might make a nice Hearse though for some Grade B 2nd rate Hollywood horror movie . ” Night of the Living Dreadlocks ” perhaps ?

  3. 75Duster

    I’d remove the hood, fenders, and doors, then deliver the rest to the salvage yard.

  4. Blue'67CamaroRS

    Those custom, hand installed, wheel covers do it for me – Hey 440-6peck this ones right up your alley

  5. ratpatrol66

    Thats just so wrong. Another fine example of what drugs or alcohol use will lead to.

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