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This Blown 1954 Chevrolet 210 Sedan Is Hot Rod Cool And Would Make A Great Summer Road Trip Machine

This Blown 1954 Chevrolet 210 Sedan Is Hot Rod Cool And Would Make A Great Summer Road Trip Machine

There is something about an early 1950’s Chevrolet that just does it for me. I love the curves, the lines, and just how cool they look both sitting still and driving down the boulevard. This one is a prime example of how one should sit, but what really makes it cool is the blower sitting under the hood. Well what the blower is breathing into actually. This one has a 270 cubic inch straight six that’s got all kinds of cool parts, but the best is the dual Holleys on top of the blower. Every other hot rod part you would expect if this thing had a small block in it is on it as well. This is a real hot rod.

Check out all the info on this cool custom, and CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE ORIGINAL AD

1954 CHEVY 210 two door sedan, with a ONE OF A KIND ENGINE! The engine is a custom built 261 cubic inch engine, bored out to 270 cubic inches. The engine is equipped with a Wayne finned aluminum valve and side covers. It also has a modified Detroit 8V-53 BLOWER with custom built snout & drive assembly. It has two 500 cfm Holley carbs and a custom built finned breather cover. The transmission is a TH200/R4 AUTOMATIC, With a Art Carr converter, B7M TORQUE CONVERTER, lock up controls. The ignition is a Mallory distribor & coil with a MSD 6BTM ignition box. Electric wipers. The brakes are Master Power, with front disc. The exhaust is custom ceramic coated split headers with stainless Flowmaster mufflers. It has a posi trac rearend. The interior is pretty much identical design that came from the factory in 1954, with upgraded mat’l. The exterior has body mods, that include smoothed front and rear bumpers with custom touches, that most would never notice. The grille has added teeth. The split hood is now one piece. The list goes on and on. There is a three inch book of the build on this car, documentation, drawing, receipts. All the custom mods are done in the best of taste, that look factory! The person who built this car is a professional engineer*, that owned his own machine shop business and is extremely talented!
This car will draw a crowd wherever it’s at, and will win trophies at most shows. If you like unique but subtle, this is what this car represents, until you raise the hood. It was built with the idea to be driven and not just showed.

$33,900 I will consider a partial trade(please no junk or projects)

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6 thoughts on “This Blown 1954 Chevrolet 210 Sedan Is Hot Rod Cool And Would Make A Great Summer Road Trip Machine

  1. drivindadsdodge

    Sadly he will never get the price he wants…

    looks like the typical 90’s street rod build except for the blower… he went and jumped the shark …
    it would be much more drivable with a pair of 1 barrel carbs and would have just as much wow factor when you opened the hood

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