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Discovery’s New Car Saviors Show Promises To Excite, And Maybe Piss Off Some Purists!

Discovery’s New Car Saviors Show Promises To Excite, And Maybe Piss Off Some Purists!

When the folks at Discovery invited us to review a new show, and sent us a link to watch the whole thing before the rest of you, we thought “cool!”. When we actually watched the show, which stars Andrew Comrie-Picard (ACP) and Brian Scotto, we were glad they did. This is one of those shows that makes you feel good about what people are doing to cars, because these guys both have the real passion. With that said, they have differences of opinion that make them entertaining as well. No yelling and screaming, but plenty of disagreement and fun ways to come to a compromise. Oh, and did we mention that this first episode is all about making big changes to a Rolls?

Yeah, we’re talking HEMI baby. Okay, it’s a new HEMI, but still cool as hell. The hot rodding faithful will dig it, the Rolls faithful will hate it. Sounds perfect to us!

Here is the info from Discovery, along with a video clip that we’re not sure we’re supposed to post. But we love you and want you to see a sneak peek.

The show premiers tonight at 10pm Pacific and Eastern. So tune in and enjoy!



 All-New Special Premieres Monday, April 17 at 10PM ET/PT

 Car Saviors – Screener*

Link: https://vimeo.com/212778132 Password: cs


(New York) – In the world of junkyard-bound cars, there are two creative minds whose mission it is to push the boundaries on resurrecting the classics and turning them into supercars. Car mavens Andrew Comrie-Picard (ACP) and Brian Scotto have perfected their method for reengineering priceless cars with a simple three-step method – step one: find the car; step two: conjure up an intense build; step three: show off the remarkable results. The auto restoration duo push the limits of what is mechanically possible in Discovery Channel’s newest special CAR SAVIORS premiering Monday, April 17 at 10 PM ET/PT.


Brian Scotto is the chief brand officer of Hoonigan Industries and the mad scientist behind the seemingly impossible builds. ACP, a pro race car driver, stunt driver, and car savant, is a self-proclaimed car “purist” and believes that the classics should be restored to their original condition. Together, they attempt builds that push the boundaries of speed and performance on classic automobiles that have been forgotten. These impressive creations are often the centerpiece of viral videos, rally races, and drifting competitions.


Scotto and ACP know the cars inside and out – each car build comes with an extensive history and impact on the automotive industry. The CAR SAVIORS pay homage to each iconic ride by giving them an incredible facelift while letting their original characteristics take the driver’s seat.


With wildly different principles and ideas, there are no limits to the modifications that can be made. While the team doesn’t always agree on how to remodel and reconfigure each car, the end products somehow always exceed even their highest expectations.


CAR SAVIORS is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Productions. For Original Productions, Philip David Segal, Sarah Whalen, Steven Robillard, and Jeff Bumgarner are Executive Producers. For Discovery Channel, Craig Coffman and John Slaughter are Executive Producers and Todd Lefkowitz is Producer. To learn more, go tohttp://www.discovery.com/, on Facebook atFacebook.com/discovery and on Twitter @Discovery.

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21 thoughts on “Discovery’s New Car Saviors Show Promises To Excite, And Maybe Piss Off Some Purists!

  1. BigDogSS

    All right, another stupid car show I won’t watch…
    Question –> Why do these shows like drop/throw parts upon disassembly? And yanking the floor jack out from under the spindle in order to create unnecessary noise/part dropping –> I’ already out.

    1. XJguy

      Yes!!! I agree 100% Ruin cars, throw parts in the floor…artificial deadlines…. Hate it already.

  2. Tripper2

    I agree – why do they all throw the crap on the floor? Drama along with the \”we\’re already behind\” on this build.

  3. jay bree

    Another pile of garbage… they’ll wreck some cars for yux then disappear.

    Some marketing dink’s view of what car people are like.

  4. Happy Motoring

    This kind of stuff makes me glad I cut the cord and just got an antenna a long time ago….

      1. JalopyJeeper

        I\’ll give it a shot but the promo above seems like it\’ll be like all of the other shows: dropping crap on the floor, being behind schedule, etc. That might be excusable if there\’s good technical info being thrown down like what will and won\’t work, fabrication (tips, tricks or how you\’re making something work in for that build) and building a car for building\’s sake, not just for some customer who doesn\’t know what to spend their money on.

  5. Chris

    I would absoultey enjoy this series! I\’m tired of all the classic overnight \”resto\” shows. Let\’s see something fun, different and exciting! Great concept.

  6. BeaverMartin

    Ya’ll are harsh. I reserve judgement until I see what it’s about. Seems like it could fill the void left by Roadkill becoming a pay for play shell of it’s former self.

    1. Rustowner

      I don’t know how many times it’s been said, but Roadkill is still free on Youtube dude! They are released a month earlier on MOTD and then to all the whiners who want it for nothing…..jeeez.

  7. BeaverMartin

    Also I hope they put an LSX in that 911 just to make Mad-georgie upset. And an AMC 360 in a Corvette to piss off about everyone else…

  8. Dave P

    Nicely done. A little bit of history, a perk into Hoonigan, a look at a real track that regular people enjoy – great premiere gentlemen. And I like that you took a Rolls to drift. Nice touch

  9. David I

    I want to see more creative ways to have fun with old cars. I like the concept of the show.

  10. Stephen Gilbert

    This show is refreshing for 2 reasons. 1) Its actually a professional build, not some half assed Jesse James style attempt to build something cool. 2) It literally does what every gearhead wants to do with a car…something obscene to make it go faster. Its the exact reason why the original Top Gear was successful….take hosts with great chemistry, have them do things to cars that a 10 year old boy would love. Film tastefully. Rinse. Repeat.

  11. AndyB

    This looks irritatingly stupid. Should do very well, seems that the dumber a show is, the more popular it becomes.

    First: A drift car? Oh joy. Remember when motorsports were judged with a stopwatch, not by a board of judges? May as well be figure skating! Nevermind that making a car that has way too much power and little grip is one of the easier things to do.

    Second: Haven’t we had enough of this crap with the ‘looming deadline’ idiocy? In Roadkill, it makes sense slightly, as the cars are kept or destroyed generally. But it seems that a lot of people will buy a car that was built on TV that was slapped together in a massive rush and painted in a hurry. No thank you.

    The potential is there. Race a series. Build a car to race. It’ll need tested, sorted out, and thought through. Ideally an endurance series, as then you actually have to make something that doesn’t fall to pieces in the first five minutes of time under load. Each race event date is a deadline (and rather less obnoxiously faked), so you could have an easier time causing drama, from the producer/writer’s point of view. Watching guys nit-pick a rulebook for loopholes wouldn’t be exciting, but a large part of the preparation could well be interesting. I suppose that’d be ruined by having at least one team member that was either a loudmouthed idiot or some chick clearly only there for the paycheck as a sex symbol.

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