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Ebay Find: Missing Linc? It’s Missing Something, Alright…

Ebay Find: Missing Linc? It’s Missing Something, Alright…

Some things are hard to look away from, even if you try. In the case of this 1978 Lincoln Continental, the list of reasons why you were staring in the first place is pretty huge. For starters, this thing has been shortened by a fairly large margin. Continentals are huge cars, yet this one seems to have the wheelbase of a Mustang II. It has 32″ BFG All-Terrains in the back. The tin worm is deep in the car, and once you open the door, furry pimp materials greet you.



On the bright side, dropping at least 3/4 of a ton off the weight of the Lincoln should help the 460 run a bit harder. You would certainly have the only one in town…though that might not be a reason to bring this one home. Somebody contact Katt Williams and let him know that we found a shorty pimp car for a shorty pimp.

CLICK HERE to see the eBay listing for this Lincoln


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4 thoughts on “Ebay Find: Missing Linc? It’s Missing Something, Alright…

  1. john

    What is going through a persons mind the moment before they cut a car in half? Probably nothing. Another Charles Darwin custom.

  2. Patrick U

    Slam it down low, replace the A/T’s with a set of big slicks and hang a big f’in blower out of the hood and I’d probably rock it….

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