Money No Object: 1973 Dodge Power Wagon – Everybody Wins!

Money No Object: 1973 Dodge Power Wagon – Everybody Wins!

There is a long-standing argument within BangShift Mid-West about the usefulness of a truck. I’m of the mindset that unless it is a purpose-built machine that is ready to do sincere, serious work at a drop of the hat, that it’s little better than a Dodge Rampage. I’m also of the mindset that four-wheel-drive is optional, that the best truck layout is a single cab with a single bench, and that for anywhere but the most congested cities, a dual rear wheel setup is the way to go. Keep in mind: the last pickup truck I owned was a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 extended cab, and the last truck-like vehicle in my fleet was a 1984 Dodge Ramcharger, both of which have been gone for nearly ten years now. Then there’s my wife. She owns the truck in the fleet, insists that four or all-wheel-drive is a necessity, has a “bigger is better” mentality, and generally wants the closest thing to a semi-tractor she can operate without upgrading her license. And she’s got family influences, too, including a cousin who has a deadly serious jones for any Dodge truck with a Cummins and a manual transmission. She loves to point out that Angry Grandpa can’t make it up the final hill towards our house when it snows in winter…and dammit, she isn’t wrong there…but her sporty Silverado SS does just fine.

It’s no secret that I love “grandpa trucks”. You know the type, the truck that was obviously cared for by an older gentleman who needed a work truck but wanted life to be comfortable…when he bought it sometime before the late 1990s. In the case of this 1973 Dodge, this started life as a D200 (3/4 ton, two-wheel-drive) unit, but is now built up as a W300 (one-ton, four-wheel-drive) spec. So it’s big and four-wheel-drive…points to my wife. It’s a Dodge, point to me. Keep track, we’ll see how this goes. Has winches front and rear and fresh tires, so it’ll work, another point to me. Has an updated interior that features new gauges (a safety move, since Dodge clusters from this generation like to self-immolate, so that’s a point each), has an A/C kit in the box (another for both) and looks gorgeous. The powertrain is still a 360ci small-block hooked to a granny-low four-gear…not ideal, but the original plan was either a late-model Hemi or a Cummins swap. At least it runs. Power goes through a divorced NP205 transfer to a Dana 70 out back and an unknown front axle, possibly a Dana 60. The fuel tank holds 35 gallons, and you’ll need every drop, and the truck is set up for dual battery operation.

She gets the big, pretty truck that has four-wheel-drive. I see a clean-kept workhorse that has a stir stick transmission and all the makings of the perfect classic Cummins swap in the making. Where would be the fail here?

eBay Link: 1973 Dodge Power Wagon 

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8 thoughts on “Money No Object: 1973 Dodge Power Wagon – Everybody Wins!

    1. Rob Mays

      My truck. Thanks for the shout out. Would be $40k with a modern powertrain conversion. I made the hugest mistake of mistakes dealing with Gateway in any form or fashion. Terrible customer service, over priced greedy SOB’s. Not worth the headache.

      You find me a clean nice D200 crew cab, do this conversion, then paint it like this plus the over the top interior for less than $30k. ($8-10k truck, conversion to 4×4 Dually $4-8k, paint $5-7k, interior $4k plus).

      I Bought a 1992 Cummins 5.9 AOD truck to rob the parts and convert dash and all, then realized it would destroy the original character of the truck. Don’t always need a Diesel and it is a blast to drive as is. Runs like a top! I have a 2018 Power Wagon 6.4 for daily and I think if I did anything, it would be a 6.4 conversion, but again, why?

      I have priced it right. I have that in it and they are not growing on trees. Find me another?!? Hell Icon could make this over the top and it would be $200-300k, but again why? This is a great truck and I may just keep it?? I have budgeted some more money to do a really slick hidden AC install and working out those ideas now. It will never be a modern truck unless you spend real money and then it gets out of reach of most of us. I have lots of cats and trucks and this one gets the most attention, as it should!

      Appreciate the kind words and everyone has a budget and opinion, so some peeps may say “how do justify the price” and I say, “how do you not :-)”

      I have other vehicle I want tomown before I leave this earth and my wife will not let me retire to a mini ranch or farm where this is better fit than my suburban hood. I have a building and keep it close to the house. 2-3 more weeks and it will be enjoyed for the fall. Perfect pumpkin patch truck!

  1. 75Duster

    I remembered seeing it listed at $34,000 at Gateway Classic Cars in Houston, thought it was overpriced.
    I’m selling my 1974 D100 Club Cab here in St.Louis Gateway Classic Cars for $26,000, and it has a 5.7 Hemi in it!

  2. Daniel Twilleager

    You can\’t go wrong I have a 72 power wagon I love the way it handles it\’s 4 wheel 360 I have a 78 4 wheel also a 71 charger you can\’t go wrong with a Dodge my other vehicles have been Dodge

  3. Mike

    Man what a beauty! Could drive it and take care of it and never lose a penny! Great period correct color scheme as well! This would be the coolest truck to enjoy in the mountains! Heck even in the city it screams “get outta my way!”

  4. Robert Ray

    I know what you mean, I have a 69 charger general Lee, a real 78 Lil red express,79 ram charger,78 power wagon . you can\’t beat those sweet old Mopars.

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