Wanna Get Away For A Bit? This Ford F-550 Bus Conversion Can Be Your Rolling Home!

Wanna Get Away For A Bit? This Ford F-550 Bus Conversion Can Be Your Rolling Home!

Readers, I have a question for you: have you ever wanted to relocate, even if it’s just for a day or two? I’m not talking camping, per se, I’m talking about packing up enough to live for two to three days at a time, and hauling tail away from the homestead? Thanks to Mother Nature’s current mood…which, judging from the way the weather is going at BangShift Mid-West today, is about as sour as the hindquarters of a lemon…the idea of saying “screw it” and heading off somewhere away from Tornado Alley for a bit of time looks quite appealing. There’s also the other reasons for owning a mobile micro house…it’s been a while since I thought of the Mobile Command Center concept, but it would be hard to ignore here, and there’s always a traveling vacation option too. Not having to pay hotel fees, laid out on a bed in your own vehicle…yeah, that doesn’t suck.

This 1999 Ford F-550 started life as one of those bus setups that you’d see as an airport shuttle or a local transit deal, but it’s been converted into a rolling mini-home. The 7.3L PowerStroke has some travel on it, with the odometer showing a quarter of a million miles on the clock, but that interior makes any suspicion about the diesel all but moot.

Vintage bar stools and late 50s mid century modern Divan couch
TOak laminate snap in flooring
CUSTOM HEADLINER with bamboo trim

Mini fridge with cutting board and full sized desk for cooking. This way you can cook outside when you want, use the desk for other things when you aren’t cooking. Also comes with high quality Kelty aluminum outdoor kitchen that folds down.

Heavy duty Leece alternator and aux battery for the fridge

My bathroom was a bucket, toilet seat and cedar chips. My shower was a tankless propane heater with a tub and shower curtain. Worked great and kept things simple, build as nice of a bathroom as you want or stick to my setup. *You must buy your own bathroom setup as I still use mine but you can set one up the same for under $200

Suspended Live Edge BLACK WALNUT BAR!

Rear door has damage, see pics

Doesn’t come with the blankets, bike or boxes

Cracked windshield, no radio, AC needs charged

Glow plugs are getting old and could due to be replaced for easier cold starting
The truck interior is in decent shape with no rips or tears in the seats but has room for improvement with a bit of elbow grease and afternoon of thorough cleaning.
This bus isn’t perfect by any means but it is a great start for someone who wants to live the dream. Looks very sharp compared to most bus rigs, gets compliments everywhere it goes.

There is an awful lot of storage space available and plenty of room to stretch out. We’d have to add some kind of window covering to feel a bit better about sleeping back there, and there’s some work to be done here and there, but overall…this looks like a neat way to enjoy home away from home. Not so sure about the bucket with cedar chips, though…might re-think that bit.

eBay Link: 1999 Ford F-550 Super Duty with body by Krystal Coach

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2 thoughts on “Wanna Get Away For A Bit? This Ford F-550 Bus Conversion Can Be Your Rolling Home!

  1. Piston Pete

    I’ve done a lot of research and given lots of thought to this type scenario. It’s my opinion that after gas, insurance, aggravation of dealing with an oversize vehicle and constant maintenance, that you’re better off just hittin’ it in the car and mapping out a route that visits mom and pop motels. Using it it as a tow vehicle for an aggressive racing schedule is a different conversation, but maintenance and reliability are the main points in either discussion.

  2. Scott Liggett

    Buy the limo version used. They go cheap. They have bars TV’s sound system and more comfy seating.

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