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eBay Find: A 1969 Rokon Trail Breaker 2X2 Motorcycle

eBay Find: A 1969 Rokon Trail Breaker 2X2 Motorcycle

The Rokon Trail Breaker is a tractor dressed up like a motorcycle. Featuring two-wheel drive, gearing that will allow it to climb walls, hollow wheels that allow it to be floated across rivers, and a cult following, they are on our list of “must-own” vehicles. We first saw one on the pages of an old magazine and our 10 year old mind was blown. You have to admit these little bastards make one heck of a first impression with those big tires.

You’d be shocked to learn that the Rokon company still exists. We thought something this weird would have been made for a couple years and then gonzo, we were wrong. The vehicles being made today are updated, but very close to the ’69 bike we found for sale on eBay. Military buyers from around the globe seem to be the main customers these days and we can see why. The bikes are virtually unstoppable. 

One of the neatest mechanical features is the clutch system used on the front wheel allowing it to spin faster or slower than the rear for cornering. If both wheels were locked into spinning at the same rate the machine would be a death trap. 

These were not screaming bikes by any means. They were geared to crawl, climb, and slog through whatever junk you ran into in the backwoods. The top speed of the bike shown in the ad would be roughly 30 MPH. The engines varied throughout the different eras and models made by Rokon. Some (maybe even this one perhaps) came with a Chrysler built 2-stroke engine. Later models came with a 2-stroke snowmobile mill, one cylinder Kohler engines, and whatever else the company could get deals on. Due to the gearing, lots of power was not exactly mandatory. 

You can read about the whole history of Rokon here or check the company’s website here.

As for us, we’re going to longingly stare at the Trail Breaker in the ad.

Source — eBay Motors —1969 Rokon Trail Breaker 

Rokon rules! 

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3 thoughts on “eBay Find: A 1969 Rokon Trail Breaker 2X2 Motorcycle

  1. Martyn Russell

    Hi cananybody help I have a Baby blue Tokon
    it has no Numbers

    Iwas told when I got it that it was one of the first ones ?? it has the Chrisler 123cc motor ??

  2. greg

    I have a 69 cherry trailbraker Back in 69 my father bought two one to ride one to look at.About three years ago mine was fired up and rode.It might have ten hours on it.Im ready to let someone else be the proud owner.Its yellow and has the chrsyler two stroke engine located in va.

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